Product Data Services

StrikeTru’s Data Modeling capabilities are unmatched in the industry. The flexibility and extensibility of our data services represent one of our main competitive advantages.

What is StrikeTru Data Services?

We can collect product data from suppliers and other data sources, cleanse, map, match & merge, and load into your enterprise systems (PIM, DAM, ERP, eCommerce).

Product Data Services from StrikeTru include, taxonomy development and consulting, attribute schema development, data cleansing, standardization, enrichment, normalization, de-duplication, image optimization, data mappings, validations, transformations, business rules, and customizations required to implement project specifications.

StrikeTru’s data services are designed to dramatically increase product data quality and associated business processes that can deliver unique revenue, cost and profit improvements to the organization. We can help you create and deliver trusted, relevant, rich, highly attributed and timely product information to drive better business outcomes every single time.

A key aspect of StrikeTru’s PIM Solution which can assist Data Governance is the integrated Data Quality Management (DQM) module which offers data cleansing, normalization, enrichment, classification, data review and quality checking capabilities.  The DQM module ensures that data flowing in and out of the PIM system is accurate, normalized, complete and of high-quality. DQM capability is pervasive throughout StrikeTru’s PIM Solution, helping user migrate and maintain clean data.  

The DQM module allows for one or many administrator roles to assign and manage work across a team of users.  

The Data Quality Management module automates and streamlines workflow processes to substantially decrease the effort and time involved to review, approve and stage content in a format simple for publishing to Master Catalogs or enterprise systems.

Key Capabilites

Taxonomy  Services 

Create or enrich product hierarchy

  • Analyze additional sources (competitors, marketplaces, etc.)
  • Create/enrich schema (categories and attributes)
  • Enable enhanced user experience


Collect product data using all available sources/methods

  • Sources: Manufacturer sources, competitors, marketplaces
  • Methods: API, Excel/CSV, PDF, Website Scraping


Fix legacy data that is inaccurate

  • Compare legacy data values with data from manufacturers
  • In case of inconsistencies, replace with correct data


Classify similar products to common categories

  • Categorization can be based on a client’s product hierarchy, digital platform
  • Hierarchies (Amazon, Google, etc), or other standardized classification schemes


Create richer and more consistent data

  • Sources: Current systems, multiple manufacturer sources (excel, website, FTP, PDF), competitors, marketplaces
  • Generate high-quality best-practice titles, descriptions, etc.
  • Capture features, benefits, tech specs, and other data

Capture and enrich digital assets

  • Capture manufacturer provided digital assets
  • Main image, alternate images, spec sheets, manuals, etc.
  • Optimize images (rename, resize, apply background, etc.)

Globalize product data

  • Capture UPC, GTIN, Country of Origin, etc. from manufacturer sources and reliable 3rd party sites
  • Localize/translate product data

Extract more granular data from legacy data

  • Extract new attribute data from titles, descriptions, etc
  • Increase average fill rates


Map incoming data to enterprise/PIM data model

  • Align incoming categories to your enterprise categories
  • Map incoming attributes to your enterprise attributes
  • Map incoming lists of values (LOVs) to your enterprise LOVs

Match/merge data

  • Match incoming data with legacy data
  • Identify duplicates
  • Merge data

Validate data

  • Validate data quality
  • Data types, valid values, character limits, business rules, etc
  • Identify and fix errors


  • Transform data into a consistent format for automatic ingestion into downstream systems

Data Onboarding

Onboard data into enterprise systems

  • PIM
  • DAM
  • ecommerce
  • ERP
  • Product Selection Tools, other

Key Benefits

Single source of trusted product data
Elimination of duplicate data efforts
Legacy systems decommissioned
360 degree view of product data and all its relationships
Reduced product setup times
Improved product setup and collaboration processes
Task visibility and progress reporting
Significant time savings
Faster product setup times (days, not weeks)
Lowered data collection costs
Reliable and timely product data sync to ecommerce storefronts
Streamlined product feeds to online web shops

See how customers are succeeding with StrikeTru Data Services


A leading global Internet Retailer that offers branded products across multiple categories, SHOP.COM needed to re-platform their legacy Product Information Management (PIM) software solution to speed up product releases.


A leading American manufacturer of outdoor and athletic footwear, Five Ten implemented PIM to better support its global digital commerce and marketing channels.

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