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Delivery of a high-quality PIM system that meets your business requirements can be tough. There are risks to mitigate, stakeholders to include, fine-tuning to be done, prioritization and re-prioritization and many other ups and downs to contend with when you’re considering digital transformation via PIM implementation.

PIM implementation typically involves process and role changes, data quality improvements, migrations, and integrations. To minimize risks, these changes must be managed carefully and deliberately. The end goal depends on a solid plan that charts out important milestones, all the way to the destination.

“Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.”

StrikeTru provides that level of focused preparation and planning to ensure your data-driven digital transformation is a scalable success. Our well-rounded service offerings are a full life-cycle iterative process characterized by the following features:


On-Time & On-Budget Delivery

Detail Oriented


Consultation & Collaboration


When you choose StrikeTru, you don’t just choose software. We understand that a PIM implementation project is so much more than just integrating a software to solve product data management problems. It involves careful planning, years of implementation expertise, and in-depth knowledge of the industry, market and best available technology that can support your strategic goals. 

We are driven to deliver business solutions that accelerate your ROI realization. From strategic project planning all the way to solution implementation and post implementation support, read on to discover our capabilities and full-range of service offerings to guide you through your PIM implementation journey. 

PIM Consulting

For any PIM project to be successful, it’s important for the PIM vendor to work in close collaboration with management. Here at StrikeTru, we realize the importance of making sure all stakeholders from different levels of management and departments understand the full scope of the project, both strategic & operational, involved in ensuring a smooth and cost-effective PIM implementation.

Demystifying PIM

What sets us apart from other PIM vendors in the market is that even before diving into the project scope, we help our customers actually ‘see’ what PIM can achieve for them and how. We are experts at demystifying PIM for our customers. We achieve this by mapping customer’s product data over the best-fit PIM tool and defining the future state data collection, management and syndication requirements that are in line with the long-term business goals of the organization.

Did you know?

StrikeTru enriched over 25,000 SKUs in 10 weeks for Petra Industries to help launch a stalled next-generation ecommerce website.

Requirements Gathering & Analysis

Based upon our expertise with hundreds of PIM, MDM & DAM deployments, our goal is to provide your online business with premium support through best practice based operational processes and services delivered by proficient technical leads and subject matter experts.  The StrikeTru team of consultants will conduct workshops with corporate and brand specific teams to complete a detailed assessment of project scope & goals, understanding the current data management capabilities, conduct product demos as needed to facilitate requirements gathering and analysis, align requirements with PIM software capabilities and ultimately, architect an informed solution & define an implementation roadmap to achieve the desired outcome. 

PIM Implementation – Our Delivery Methodology


The StrikeTru Implementation advantage coupled with best practices in Product Information Management, Master Data Management and Digital Asset Management can deliver the internal efficiency gains and external competitive differentiation that ecommerce businesses seek.

Cloud-based options, license free community edition, user friendly interfaces, comprehensive out-of-the-box features, and the ability to easily extend the open source PIM software to handle custom requirements makes for a lower total cost of ownership.

We’re data management experts obsessed with managing complex product data. Our extensive experience with product data issues in ecommerce, and with system integrations help us deliver strategic, enterprise-grade product data solutions. Capabilities include project management, architecture planning, data modeling, business process design, platform configuration, upgrades, customization, systems integration, training and documentation, data acquisition, data migrations, data syndication, and product feed management. Learn more.

Post Implementation Support & Hypercare

Immediately after go-live and during the post-production support phase, the StrikeTru implementation team will be on standby to support users and engage in user training and bug fixes as needed. Our cross-industry, cross-platform insight, experience, knowledge, and focus on high quality product data services, enables us to facilitate and accelerate implementation of a modern PIM solution in a way that no other PIM provider can.

Customizations, Training & Enhancements

We provide support and enhancement services (upgrades, extensions) for ongoing use and optimization of your product data solutions. Our support team can provide reliable, responsive (SLA based) server and application support services so you can focus on growing your business while keeping your technology costs low. Offerings include account management and planning, post go-live support and transition, application troubleshooting, server and log monitoring, data fixes, ongoing training, minor enhancements, and code and release management.

Product Data Services

Product data is the lifeblood of sophisticated commerce and customer experience management capabilities. Without the right data, digital marketing and commerce investments will not deliver the promised results. Our data services team can help acquire and cleanse product data from your suppliers and other data sources at scale and at low cost, and help refresh your digital platforms (PIM, DAM, ERP, eCommerce) to drive increased customer engagement. Offerings include product taxonomy and attribute definitions, product data and digital asset collection and cleansing,  categorization, enrichment, normalization, and on-boarding into digital platforms. Learn more.

Key Capabilities

Significant Expertise: Our experts come from doing sophisticated PIM, MDM, DAM, ecommerce, data analytics, and data services work with leading manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and other firms. Our projects incorporate leading technology solutions, diverse use cases, implementation accelerators and Connectors, data analytics and match/merge services, and best practices that help digital commerce companies modernize their IT landscape and legacy content operations to support ecommerce and omni-channel strategies effectively.

Higher Growth Potential: Our subject matter experts know how to leverage PIM, MDM, DAM and ecommerce for digital transformations to help drive operating efficiencies and online leads and sales.

Lower Engagement Risk: Our engagement processes provide ample client communication and quality assurance controls to ensure adherence to project estimates, and ultimately provide a satisfying client experience.

Leading Open-Source PIM Solution: StrikeTru experts are the best in North America at implementing platform enabled PIM solutions to handle industry-specific use cases and scalability requirements.

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