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Syndigo (Riversand) is a pure-play, leading SaaS provider of product information management (PIM), Master Data Management (MDM), and Digital Asset Management (DAM) solutions. Syndigo (Riversand) orchestrates a high-scale enterprise-grade data management software that equips businesses to go beyond the basics of product information management, developing increased productivity, efficient digital supply chains, reducing labor-intensive processes, launching products to market faster, and discovering new ways to deliver customer outcomes across every touchpoint.

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What are the key features of Syndigo (Riversand) PIM?


Future-ready Solution

Syndigo (Riversand) is a leading cloud-native SaaS PIM platform that is designed to align your product information management with digital initiatives and provide a centralized user experience to efficiently manage, enrich and publish your product data. Syndigo (Riversand) PIM reduces the delay in introducing new products to market and helps you stay ahead of the competition with a data-centric approach to e-commerce. 


Built for Complex Data Environments

Syndigo (Riversand) PIM is the top layer of their future-ready master data management (MDM) platform to ensure business agility, faster adoption and better collaboration of product information across enterprise systems.


Recognized by Gartner as a “Visionary” and a “Leader” in PIM/MDM

Fully integrated, Syndigo (Riversand) solutions enable businesses to leverage their product data through tight integrations, intelligent insights, and automation of workflows for data onboarding, and syndication to marketplaces, eCommerce platforms.


StrikeTru is Syndigo (Riversand)’s first Ascend PIM Solution Partner

Take advantage of your product information by leveraging Syndigo (Riversand)’s best-in-class Ascend PIM solution.

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What is the StrikeTru implementation advantage?

StrikeTru’s approach to PIM implementation projects is a best-of-breed one, easily customizable, with frictionless pre-built connectors that jumpstart growth so businesses can meet their product data needs, end to end, without losing momentum.

Elegant, comprehensive, and enterprise-ready PIM solution that grows with your needs: Break down content silos and enable data connectivity between disparate systems and teams. Boost operational efficiency, eliminate manual processes, integrate and synchronize product information across multiple ERPs, reduce data complexity, and increase transparency.

Onboard, Enrich & Syndicate: Expand product catalogs, standardize and streamline product data onboarding and maintenance business processes. Achieve the ability to deliver – at speed – great product data to various channels both in terms of product mix and completeness, and formats of data needed by those channels

End-to-end Skills: Whether it is business case building, implementation road mapping, product data collection, product data management, product data syndication, migrations, integrations, training, or support – our experts have done it all and can provide advice, best practices, and practical solutions for a successful project.

Program and Project Management: We have extensive experience managing multiple PIM program workstreams (data extraction, data profiling and cleansing, process re-engineering, data modeling, migrations, integrations, etc.), managing project scope and risks unique to product data projects, aligning and managing expectations of various stakeholders, and managing milestones and budgets.

Proven expertise on the Syndigo (Riversand) PIM and MDM experience: Over the past 11 years, we have integrated Syndigo (Riversand) PIM with a variety of enterprise systems including ERP, PLM, DAM, Cloud Storage, Data Aggregator, Data Pool,WMS, Translation, eCommerce, Product Feed, and other systems. We have successfully implemented over 20 Syndigo (Riversand) projects for global companies of all sizes across industries.

Deep domain, platform, and technical expertise: Our deep understanding of the Syndigo (Riversand) platform ensures that all our projects incorporate robust enterprise information and data architecture, data governance, integrations, automation, syndication, and best practices that shorten implementation times, drive user productivity and deliver outstanding business results. We also maintain a bench of trained Syndigo (Riversand) resources to be able to quickly expand our delivery capacity.

Accelerators/Connected Apps: Take advantage of implementation accelerators to speed up the implementation process and automated data, meta-data and asset import/export between product content management and leading ecommerce platforms like Magento, BigCommerce, Shopify, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, and more. Including pre-built data models, reusable business rules library, reusable configuration templates (UI, data structures, business rules, workflows, user security), source code and environment management strategies, and data migration checklist.

Streamlined product data management:  High-quality, clean, and consistent product data including product entities, hierarchies, reference data, and relationships to enable efficient enterprise-wide processes and product information syndication via an integrated PIM system.

Agile implementation at low cost: At StrikeTru, you get expert Syndigo (Riversand) deployments and best practice-based implementation at an affordable cost that lets you scale on demand.

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What are the core features of our Syndigo (Riversand) PIM implementation solution?

Business Case Building for PIM, including ROI
Business Case Building for MDM deployment
Product Data Management on premise
Product Data Management on cloud
Enterprise Data Quality for Products
Product Data Setup & Onboarding
Product Data Syndication
Integrations (ERP, PLM, DAM, eCommerce, Data Pools,Translations Platform, etc.)
Product Feed Syndication to Internal Tools
Product Feed Syndication to External Parties

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Affordable, flexible, fast to deploy SaaS solution by StrikeTru

TruPIM is an affordable, flexible, fast to deploy SaaS PIM solution powered by Akeneo PIM Community Edition.

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Selecting the right Syndigo (Riversand) solution for your needs

StrikeTru’s approach to PIM implementation projects is a best-of-breed, easily customizable, with frictionless pre-built connectors to jumpstart your businesses

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Syndigo (Riversand) Accelerators & Toolkits

StrikeTru has developed a reusable set of accelerators and toolkits based on 11+ years of experience working on Syndigo (Riversand) projects to help you reduce implementation risk and speed up project delivery.

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