Product Data Collection & Onboarding Solutions

Automate product data collection to sell more, faster

It can take weeks and sometimes months to collect product data, onboard, and complete one SKU. StrikeTru can help you realize the full value of ‘list more, sell more’ by automating product data collection from suppliers and other data sources for syndication to your online store.

Grow your online business faster, expand your product assortment, save hundreds of hours spent on manual repetitive work. StrikeTru can help you collect, cleanse, map, match & merge, de-dupe, and onboard standardized product data into your enterprise systems like PIM, DAM, ERP, and ecommerce platforms.

What are the benefits of automating product data collection & onboarding?


High Quality & Consistent Data Automation

Automate all incoming product data flow so you can spend more time on high-value tasks


Data Cleansing, Transformation, Enrichment and Validation

Transform the messiest data into a clean, consistent, standardized format, ready to be loaded into PIM or your ecommerce platform, without spending valuable resources on manual operations


Onboard From Multiple Sources

Easily pull data from diverse supplier sources like data pools, CSPs, vendors, distributors & more, and load structured data into PIM without worrying about inconsistent taxonomies or formats


Large Product Assortment to Drive Revenue

Expand product lineups exponentially with the ability to rapidly add new vendors and products at scale, drive more traffic to your store


Launch products to market faster

Boost market share by significantly reducing the time spent on bringing new products online

Key Features


Why choose StrikeTru to streamline product data onboarding?

Onboard and manage high-volume and richly attributed SKUs
Reduce product setup & launch time
Enable rapid roll out of optimized, customer ready product catalogs
Product and variants management, data inheritance, data validations, quality checks, completeness checks
Bulk edit features, rules-based auto-enrichment, approval workflows, audit trails, and role-based permissions to create and deliver high-quality and consistent data
Supplier Portal Connector: Auto-transfer product data, metadata, and assets from Supplier Portal, a self-service portal to onboard data from Vesta or SPS Commerce into PIM (Akeneo or Syndigo (Riversand))
B2B Data Connectors: Automate B2B product data transfer from 3rd parties (AD, ORS-Nasco, SMO, Essendant, Orgill) to refresh and augment data in your internal systems (PIM, ERP, eCommerce)
Seamless integration with existing IT systems
End to End implementation + Customizations
Consultation + Support

Platforms we support


Akeneo Onboarder

The Akeneo Onboarder allows suppliers to directly provide product information for streamlined processing into Akeneo PIM. By defining required attributes and catalog structures, the suppliers input product information directly into the Onboarder 


Vesta Supplier Portal

The Akeneo Onboarder allows suppliers to directly provide product information for streamlined processing into Akeneo PIM. By defining required attributes and catalog structures, the supplier’s input product information directly into the Onboarder 



Deliver continuous onboarding, enabling marketplaces, retailers, and affiliates to aggregate and integrate thousands of supplier catalogs. Allow vendors to list, resell, or advertise products in perfect sync with their in-house systems.

Transform product data onboarding processes and streamline product information management with our integrated offering


Product Data Collection System architecture


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