BigCommerce to Akeneo Catalog Migration Tool



The BigCommerce to Akeneo Catalog Migration Tool helps BigCommerce store owners transfer all their product data into Akeneo PIM so they can improve and scale eCommerce product data management efforts. Most store owners manage product data directly in BigCommerce but that is typically a manual, time consuming, multi-step, and disconnected process that involves multiple spreadsheets and image repositories. Hence, managing product data in a single PIM system is the way to go. It offers a lot of flexibility and productivity features that lets the store owner grow product and attribute counts without having to hire more people. For many reasons, Akeneo is the ideal PIM solution and companion for BigCommerce store owners that want to scale their online business.

Before store owners can use Akeneo PIM, they must migrate their entire product catalog accurately into the PIM. This involves transferring all BigCommerce product data structures (attributes, categories, lists of values, etc), configuring additional product data structures in PIM (families, variant families, association types, channels, locale, etc.), and transferring product and variant level data, product options, images, and videos. This migration involves BigCommerce data and digital asset extraction, manual transformation, and multi-step loading into the Akeneo PIM system. Multiple rounds of migration and configuration testing are typical in such projects in order to validate data and ensure successful outcomes. Store owners should be intimately familiar with both tool features, and expect to spend a fair amount of time doing this migration, particularly in case of large catalogs. In some cases, data migrations can stall projects indefinitely and affect the launch of your digital growth initiatives.

With StrikeTru’s BigCommerce to Akeneo Catalog Migration Tool, store owners can automate this complex migration with a few simple clicks! This tool, the only such tool in the market today, takes the cost and complexity out of the product data migration process by automating it end to end. 

Tool Workflow


Once you start using PIM to manage eCommerce product data, you would want to synchronize product catalog changes from Akeneo PIM into BigCommerce on a daily basis. Our Akeneo PIM connector for BigCommerce will do just that. You can manage catalog data in the PIM using its powerful data management features and know that all product content changes will be reflected in BigCommerce automatically.


  • Uses BigCommerce and Akeneo APIs
  • Configure necessary data structures in Akeneo PIM
  • Migrate all metadata, data (including prices), and digital assets from BigCommerce into Akeneo PIM
  • Review migration logs for troubleshooting
  • Migrate BigCommerce categories into PIM categories
  • Migrate BigCommerce standard attributes, custom fields, metafields, and options into PIM attributes with appropriate data types
  • Migrate BigCommerce product options and values into PIM option attributes and values
  • Setup PIM families and variant families based on BigCommerce product options
  • Initialize other data structures in PIM – attribute group, association type, channel, and locale
  • Migrate BigCommerce products and variants, and simple products into PIM
  • Assign products to categories in PIM
  • Migrate structured BigCommerce product data (standard attributes, custom fields, metafields, options) into PIM
  • Migrate unstructured BigCommerce product data (images, videos, and embedded PDF URLs) into PIM
  • Migrate BigCommerce product associations (related products) into PIM
  • Migrate BigCommerce brands into PIM


  • Automate Akeneo PIM setup by migrating BigCommerce product data into PIM
  • Reduce the cost and complexity typically involved in PIM deployment projects
  • Create high-quality and consistent product data in PIM for all digital channels
  • Use StrikeTru’s Akeneo PIM Connector to automate PIM product updates in BigCommerce
  • Leverage StrikeTru’s expert data services (onboarding, cleansing, enrichment, syndication) for additional benefits

To see how the BigCommerce to Akeneo Catalog Migration Tool works, request a demo now!

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