PIM for Automotive


Managing product information in the automotive industry is inherently complex due to the vast number of parts, fitments, associated data, and multiple data sources & destinations. It gets difficult to manage data using legacy systems/methods that often result in fragmented, inaccurate, or outdated information, impacting everything from inventory management to website experience.

Our tailored PIM solution, powered by either Akeneo PIM or TruPIM, is designed to tackle these complexities head-on. Leveraging industry standards like ACES and PIES data, we will deploy a solution that streamlines the entire process from data onboarding to data management to data integration and publishing.

Imagine effortlessly managing products and variants, fitments (year, make, model, etc.), product relationships, kits, digital assets, and more from under one roof and shipping that data to your eCommerce store, ERP system, site search app, marketplaces, distributors, retailers, and other digital platforms. Our solution simplifies product fitment management, sets up data governance and approval mechanisms, automates fitment assignments based on business rules, and ensures robust data management to help deliver compelling customer experiences.

With an intuitive way to manage the Automotive product data driving great product search and discovery on your online stores and on search engines and marketplaces, our PIM for Automotive solution keeps you way ahead in this competitive automotive market.

With over a decade of industry-leading experience, we can help revolutionize your digital landscape for Automotive business.


Ready-to-Go Solution: A tailored PIM solution for the automotive industry, ensuring a perfect fit for managing fitment data and other product details from the start.

Rapid Implementation: With predefined best practices and a well-defined process, our PIM solution can be deployed quickly and efficiently.

Customizable: Adaptable to various needs, whether you’re selling keys, wheels, or any other vehicle parts, from tiny screws to entire engine assemblies.

Streamlined Data Handling: Deep understanding in ACES & PIES and other automotive standards ensures consistent and accurate data management across your entire ecosystem.

Full-Service Offering: From essential data services to tailored development and seamless integrations to your ecosystem, we meet all your automotive tech stack needs.

Pre-Built Integrations: Seamlessly connect with popular eCommerce platforms like BigCommerce, Shopify, and Magento, as well as ERPs like Netsuite.

Our PIM for automotive solution is flexible for businesses of any size, accommodating both small businesses and enterprises. Whether you have one store or many, use one or multiple ERP and eCommerce platforms, our solution is tailored to fit your needs.


Automate Catalog Onboarding: For BigCommerce and Shopify users, automatically migrate catalogs into PIM, saving weeks of time on data extraction, conversion, and onboarding.

Create Advanced Data Models: Leverage ACES and PIES standards to design sophisticated data models tailored to your automotive product catalog.

Manage Fitment and Product Data: Manage fitment data (YMM and other metadata and product fitments), product data, assets, and product relationships seamlessly from one platform.

Automate Fitment Generation: Set up powerful rules to automatically generate fitments for products based on custom business rules.

Robust Approval and Governance Mechanism: Use approval workflows, governance rules, and product completeness indicators to maintain data accuracy and compliance with industry standards. Generate invalid fitment reports.

Create Kits and Bundles Easily: Build kits, bundles, and up-sell/cross-sell relationships and synchronize them effortlessly with eCommerce channels.

Optimize Multi-Channel Catalog Management: Manage multi-channel, multi-language, and multi-region catalogs intuitively for consistent and rich product listings.

Enhance Digital Asset Management: Utilize the asset manager to efficiently handle digital assets and reference entities for products, fitments, categories, brands and more.

Utilize Powerful Bulk Edit Capabilities: Bulk edit almost every element in PIM, including fitments, to save time and improve accuracy.

Simplify Data Import and Export: Use custom import and export profiles to easily receive from and share data with retailers, distributors, suppliers, and other stakeholders or databases.

Accelerate Catalog Sync to Channels: Sync products, fitments, relationships and more from PIM to popular eCommerce platforms like BigCommerce, Shopify and outputs to marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Google Shopping, and more.



Why Choose StrikeTru?


Longest-standing Akeneo Partner in the US.

At StrikeTru, we bring over a decade of expertise in implementing PIM systems, with a special focus on the industries like automotive, furniture, apparel and more. Our journey has taken us through projects with Fortune 500 companies and SMBs alike, honing our ability to create tailored, industry-specific solutions that stand out in the PIM and eCommerce space. We’ve mastered best practices, user experiences, and custom development, embedding this deep-rooted knowledge into every project we undertake.

  • 15 years of PIM implementation, specializing in automotive
  • Worked with brands, distributors, and retailers of all sizes
  • Thought leader in PIM and eCommerce across industries
  • Longstanding partner with Akeneo, BigCommerce, Shopify, and more
  • Deep knowledge of automotive industry standards and practices
  • Expertise in complex automotive PIM & eCommerce¬† implementations
  • Full-service capabilities with a dedicated team of experts for all data and commerce needs

Leverage our seasoned expertise in automotive PIM solutions to drive your business forward with confidence.

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