Integrated PIM and DAM

A Match Made in Ecommerce Heaven


Basic product listings will not cut it for online shoppers or help you explode sales

So how to manage product data & marketing content across complex and disconnected systems? A robust PIM and DAM integration.

Digital Asset Management (DAM) is the management of rich media content. Product Information Management (PIM) stores, manages, enriches, and distributes customer-ready product content across all digital touchpoints.

Integrated PIM and DAM systems have come center stage in ecommerce marketing technology. Scalable ecommerce and successful multichannel marketing, demand automated and near real-time access to and distribution of digital assets, tightly layered with product metadata, across channels. Ecommerce success today is about delivering product content that makes products jump off the shelf, creating deeply engaging customer experiences.

Sadly, many product companies still believe they can run the show with fragmented product information and digital asset libraries, cut-pasted from various databases, managed as separate components in the ecommerce mar-tech stack, but the limitations are obvious!

Manual work and rework, ineffective and uneconomical processes, unwieldy storage, findability and discoverability, an alarming number of silos that halt productivity and scalability – both vital to delivering personalized customer experiences and getting your products to market on time.

Forrester defines the integration of PIM and DAM solutions as the power couple for a successful content strategy. Rightly so. Marrying authoritative product data with timely digital assets for highly targeted marketing content represents a huge opportunity for successful sales growth.

The business case for a powerful PIM and DAM solution for Ecommerce:

  • A fully automated product creation lifecycle with streamlined workflows
  • Up-to date product specifications and digital assets centralized from various sources
  • Easily accessible to both upstream & downstream systems and departments
  • All stakeholders can readily access a single version of the most accurate product content that is ready to go to market
  • Elimination of duplicate efforts with quick syndication of ecommerce ready product content, tailored for unique channel specific requirements

Integration Use Cases of a PIM and DAM Solution:


Automated Syncs

  • Asset and metadata sync from DAM to PIM
  • Product data import from PIM to DAM (for asset enrichment)
  • Syncs to multiple channels, locales, and development environments
  • Granular control on what assets to sync
  • Transfer assets and/or URLs
  • Scalable integration

Asset Management for Ecommerce

  • Transfer images, videos, product sheets, etc.
  • Asset Validation
  • Image optimization (rename, resize, resolution change, etc)
  • Asset loading & linking to products
  • Assign asset related metadata (alt tags, image angle, etc.)
  • Asset expiration in DAM for obsolete products

Asset sync to CDNs

  • Sync assets to CDNs
  • Asset Invalidation / refresh
  • Old asset cleanup

Alerts & Reports

  • Invalid assets
  • Excessive assets
  • Product asset updates

Why choose StrikeTru? We live and breathe data and technology.

Best-of-breed PIM and DAM approach: we believe in building best-of-breed technology solutions that enable cross-platform system & service integration capabilities, and work as SaaS plug & play modules that minimize implementation risk and infrastructure costs

Specialized services: we offer end-to-end project management, discovery, configuration, integration and customization services, and expert implementation – to fit your budget.

End to End Implementation: Expert consultancy, Unlimited Application Support Training & Upgrades, and Custom Feature Development on a project-to-project basis

Value-added services: Enhanced design, implementation accelerators, and maintenance for enterprise data users

End to End Implementation: Expert consultancy, Unlimited Application Support Training & Upgrades, and Custom Feature Development on a project-to-project basis

API based: Connectors that enable easy lift and shift of data with less manual effort and time

Our extensive experience working across industries and verticals for over 12 years


Mediavalet DAM Connector for Akeneo PIM


Seamlessly synchronize MediaValet DAM with Akeneo PIM under one roof for accelerated omnichannel commerce.

Deliver highly shoppable eCommerce experiences with PIM and DAM under one roof! StrikeTru’s fully integrated MediaValet DAM (the fastest, easiest and most secure cloud DAM on the planet!) Connector for Akeneo PIM (#1 Enterprise open-source PIM) bridges the gap between your product data and rich media by creating an automatic sync between your product information and digital assets.

Compatible with all Akeneo PIM editions – Community, Growth, Enterprise (On-Premise, Cloud Flexibility, and Cloud Serenity) and TruPIM.

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