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For BigCommerce merchants who want a fast and painless migration, StrikeTru offers a turnkey solution that consolidates individual storefronts into a BigCommerce Multi-Storefront (MSF). Multi-Storefront allows merchants to use a single BigCommerce “store” to power multiple “storefronts”. It can be useful for merchants who have multiple brands or who serve multiple segments (like B2C, B2B, retail, and wholesale segments). BigCommerce Multi-Storefront simplifies catalog management, inventory tracking, order processing, and more, thus saving merchants time and money.

Consolidating individual storefronts into an MSF is a manual process that can be costly, complex, and disruptive to business. A significant challenge is that products, variants, brands, customers, customer groups, etc. may be duplicated across stores and must be matched and merged accurately during BigCommerce Multi-Storefront migration. This is to avoid duplicates and maintain data integrity. Another big challenge is the sheer volume of data that must be transferred to MSF quickly without data loss. Another challenge is that some of the single storefront data can’t be readily ported into MSF (e.g., orders tied to deleted products or customers with bad email IDs), and specific approaches are needed to deal with those data issues. Doing all these requires BigCommerce data migration and match/merge skills.

A manual Multi-Storefront migration effort may look like this:

  1. Identify individual storefronts to consolidate into MSF
  2. Backup your individual storefront data sets (products, customers, orders, themes, webpages, email templates, and other data)
  3. Procure a MSF store. Create multiple storefronts.
  4. Freeze changes to products, themes, webpages, etc. in your individual storefronts.
  5. Compare and match data sets (products, variants, brands, customers, customer groups, etc.) across stores.

The greater the number of stores, products, customers, orders, etc., the higher is the complexity and risk inherent in a BigCommerce Multi-Storefront migration. As stated earlier, you will need plenty of time and know-how to do this migration the right way without disrupting business.

If you don’t have that know-how or the time to learn how to do this right, or if you’re looking to speed up the BigCommerce MSF migration and reduce your risk at the same time, the StrikeTru solution is just right for you.

Save time! Save money! Go Multi-Storefront!

Solution Features

Data Profiling and Quality Checks

  • Profile a variety of BigCommerce data sets accessible by APIs
  • Review product, customer, order, and other data issues
  • Remediate addressable data issues in source stores prior to migration
  • Catalog Migration into MSF

  • Sync cleansed catalog from PIM to MSF
  • Iterate catalog fixes and sync to MSF as needed
  • Catalog Consolidation and Review

  • Compare and consolidate product data from across individual stores
    • Products, variants, brands, categories, digital assets
    • Related products, pricing, custom fields, meta fields
  • Stage consolidated catalog in an intuitive BigCommerce PIM tool
  • Review and resolve identified data conflicts (e.g., inconsistent descriptions or prices)
  • Non-catalog Migration into MSF

  • Consolidated product reviews and inventory counts
  • Consolidated customer groups, customers, and orders
  • Custom account signup fields, coupon codes, gift certificates
  • Themes, web pages, blogs, email templates, redirects
  • Other store specific settings not accessible by APIs
  • Automatic Error Handling

  • Identify and report data errors including
    • Orders with missing products or customers
    • Orders with bad shipping or address data
  • Handle recoverable errors automatically during migration
  • Managed Services by StrikeTru

  • Expert MSF migration support
  • Optional data remediation services
  • Unlimited PIM training & support for catalog consolidation
  • Solution Benefits

    Highly Automated

    Migrate quickly and easily to BigCommerce Multi-Storefront (MSF)

    Minimal Downtime

    Minimize store downtime with our phased migration approach

    Zero Risk & Complexity

    Eliminate risk and complexity involved in a manual migration to MSF

    Lossless & Error-Free

    Migrate to MSF without errors or data loss at an affordable cost

    Higher Visibility & Control

    Migrate to MSF using a highly controlled, visible, and repeatable process

    Guided Approach

    Leverage a guided process to identify and resolve legacy data issues

    Fully Functional BigCommerce PIM

    Leverage PIM pre-loaded with your MSF catalog to scale content efforts

    Client Reviews

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    How it works?


    Our BigCommerce MSF migration solution leverages high-automation, master data management principles, and APIs to consolidate multiple individual storefronts into a Multi-Storefront. Combined with a turnkey migration process managed by our migration experts, the whole process is designed to complete quickly and predictably. Here is a high-level overview of the phased migration approach:

    1. Profile individual storefronts data, identify data quality issues (automated)
    2. Stage consolidated catalog data and identified conflicts in PIM (automated)
    3. Review and cleanse product data (in PIM, by client)
    4. Sync catalog data from PIM to MSF (automated)
    5. Consolidate and sync non-catalog data into MSF (automated)
    6. Configure store-specific settings like payment, shipping, and tax (manually in MSF, by client)
    7. Cutover to new BigCommerce MSF store

    Migration Process Flow


    Automate your BigCommerce Multi-Storefront migration using our turnkey solution!

    Migration Scope



    Categories & brands

    Digital assets




    Customers & customer groups

    Shipping zones

    Shipping methods

    Product reviews


    Gift certificates

    Email templates




    URL redirects

    Automatic & coupon promotions

    Store settings

    Payment gateways

    Custom signup form fields

    User accounts & permissions



    Packing slips

    Qualification Criteria

    You would qualify for the MSF migration service if:

    1. You have fewer than 25,000 products in each storefront
    2. You have less than 250 variants for a given product
    3. You have less than 100 categories on your MSF storefront
    4. You have up to 1,000 products per category
    5. You have up to 200 orders per minute in each storefront

    In addition to BigCommerce’s global platform limits, your MSF storefronts would be subject to the limits based on your primary store’s billing plan.

    Want to know more about the significant operational and financial benefits of BigCommerce Multi-Storefront?

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    Why StrikeTru?


    StrikeTru is a deep expert in eCommerce Data Migration projects, and high-automation is a key component of our approach to data migrations. With our turnkey solution, you can accelerate your BigCommerce Multi-Storefront migration process so your digital transformation or IT modernization programs get off to a quick start and not get stuck in lengthy and expensive migration projects. 

    • Deep domain expertise in data and eCommerce industry
    • Deep BigCommerce platform expertise
    • Significant experience working with BigCommerce merchants of all sizes
    • Multiple data migration solutions for BigCommerce merchants (for V2 to V3 Store Migration, MSF Migration, BigCommerce to PIM Data Migration, and PIM to BigCommerce Data Synchronization)
    • End-to-end delivery capabilities (Technology, Data, and Commerce)
    • High-touch managed Services (for migration and other solutions)

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