Node-SaSS & SCSS Update for BigCommerce


Are you facing Node-SaSS & SCSS compatibility issues with your BigCommerce theme? We offer a premium white-glove service to ensure a seamless Node-SaSS Update for BigCommerce. Act now to avoid disruptions –  upgrade your outdated SCSS framework and make your theme compatible with the latest Node version.

BigCommerce has issued a critical update, requiring all themes to migrate to the latest SCSS standards by January 31, 2024, to avoid disruptions to your storefront. If you’re facing compatibility issues with Sass complier or outdated SCSS frameworks like Sussy, Bulma, etc., StrikeTru is here to help! We specialize in keeping your theme technologies up to date, ensuring optimal performance and compliance with BigCommerce’s latest standards.

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Why upgrade?

As BigCommerce evolves, some older themes may need to keep up with the latest SCSS framework and will see a prompt on the BigCommerce store suggesting you to update the theme’s SCSS framework. BigCommerce’s SCSS update affects how styles are coded and processed, potentially causing compatibility issues for themes using outdated methods.

If you are on themes like Hero, Foundry, Bespoke, Rove, etc,. you might already be seeing this notification on your storefront and are most likely unable to make any changes to your website content using the BigCommerce web builder, third-party web builders, and/or via a local development.

For example, you might run into the below error when you try making changes using the BigCommerce website builder. It’s crucial for you to address the Node SaSS compatibility issues & update the SCSS framework to ensure uninterrupted functionality of your storefront and future proof your theme against deprecated technologies.

Action Required: Your storefront theme is using an outdated SCSS framework. You must update your theme to avoid disruptions to your storefront. Please work with your storefront developer contact to address, or contact Customer Success Manager or Customer Support for more information.

How can StrikeTru help?

Our dedicated service to address the BigCommerce Node SaSS and SCSS framework issues are tailored to meet your theme specifications and preferences. From unmodified themes to highly customized themes, we can perform this upgrade and ensure theme modifications are retained, and all libraries, syntax, and theme files are compatible with the latest BigCommerce standards.

We’ve successfully upgraded multiple themes using deprecated SaSS compilers and outdated SCSS frameworks. Below is why you should partner with StrikeTru for this upgrade:

Deep understanding of BigCommerce’s theme structure and SCSS framework

Streamlined process to review, test, and update your theme

Premium end to end white-glove service

Guaranteed framework update for all themes

Our process

Theme review & estimate analysis

Initiate the upgrade process

Fix all blockers and complete the upgrade

Publish theme and perform detailed tests on applicable environments

Enable client to review and test the theme on sandbox store

Publish theme on the production store

Enable client to review and test the theme production store

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