Agency Partners

StrikeTru works with agencies of all sizes to help their clients collect, manage, and distribute
high-quality product data to eCommerce channels. Get access to an affordable product information
management tool (TruPIM), build high-performance eCommerce solutions, wow your customers.

TruPIM is a powerful and user friendly product data management solution. Cloud hosted, scalable, and affordable, it is the perfect fit for agencies and their eCommerce clients.

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Messy data and fragmented data management can kill eCommerce projects. Deploy TruPIM to resolve these challenges. Wow your clients by launching eCommerce projects on time and budget.

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Complement your offerings with TruPIM. Promote your extended capabilities and attract new clients. StrikeTru adds deep PIM domain and technical expertise and high-quality support to your eCommerce services portfolio.

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Why Partner With StrikeTru?

Learn how partnering with StrikeTru can help you deliver successful eCommerce projects. Click here >


Together We Can Accomplish Greatness. Modernize eCommerce Solutions.

StrikeTru works with a diverse group of agencies to modernize their clients’ ecommerce so they can sell more, faster. One of our core values is collaboration. We recognize that a strategic partnership will provides diversity of thought and practice to bring best in class solutions.

At StrikeTru, we have a suite of ecommerce and PIM implementation services along with proprietary apps and tools to elevate a client’s ecommerce. We work with agencies to complement our commerce practice and data consulting/services such as collecting, managing, distributing high-quality products to eCommerce channels.

Partner with us to leverage our suite of solutions and products so we can provide a complete solution for your clients.

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“Akeneo very much values our partnership with StrikeTru. StrikeTru is one of our longest standing and most trusted implementation partners in North America. They offer a unique set of skills around our platform and have been serving the Akeneo community as a partner since 2015.” – Scott Rogers, VP Global Channels & Alliances, Akeneo


With our strategic partnerships, our goal is to understand how each of us can help your clients.  We discuss synergies where each of us complements one another to develop the best-in-class solution.  


A true SaaS PIM for growing companies that is based on Akeneo PIM Community edition. It consolidates product content & digital assets onto a single platform to give your client’s entire organization a company-wide view of high-quality product data. You can deliver current and consistent great product experiences across your sales channels, every single time.

Get up and running within minutes with a free 14-day trial, and not worry about the hassles of server and software management to meet your client’s digital commerce needs. Cloud hosted, scalable, and affordable, it is the perfect fit for agencies and eCommerce clients. Read more


Enables clients to prepare and transfer clean product content and meta-data into their eCommerce platform and quickly sync them to other shopping channels like eBay, Amazon, social commerce platforms like Facebook & Instagram and Google Shopping. Once you start using TruPIM to manage eCommerce product data, you would want to synchronize product catalog changes from the PIM into an eCommerce platform on a daily-basis i.e. the connector.

We have a host of them to create a tight integration between the PIM and eCommerce/DAM platforms that includes Akeneo PIM Connectors for BigCommerce, Shopify, Acquia, and MediaValet. Explore which connector is right for your clients. Read more

Catalog Migration Tools

Catalog Migration Tools makes data transfer to and from BigCommerce or Shopify stores simple. This could be migrating data from multiple BigCommerce stores to a multi-storefront (MSF), from BigCommerce V2 to V3, from another ecom platform into BigCommerce or Shopify, or from BigCommerce or Shopify into PIM. Read more

BigCommerce v2-v3 Product Data Migration App

Thinking about upgrading BigCommerce stores from version 2 to version 3? This is the app for your merchants. It is a single-click app with a wizard-driven user interface. The app handles the most complex product catalogs with large numbers of product and option and SKU counts, various types of product rules, configurable fields, product picklist type options, and more. V2 v3 lp.

Once migrated, merchants can leverage BigCommerce current and future V3 features like MSF, MLI, faster APIs, etc. Read more

BigCommerce MSF Consolidated Services

Most BigCommerce store owners are on v2 product experience and must rebuild their products in order to migrate to v3. Consolidating catalog data from multiple stores into MSF requires mapping and merging product data in addition to rebuilding product options. Needless to say, this can be a tedious and disruptive process. StrikeTru’s MSF migration solution help merchants largely automate this migration. Read more

If you are intrested to discuss partnership with StrikeTru. Please contact us.