Unidata MDM

What is Unidata MDM?

The Unidata platform is a multi-functional platform for building enterprise data management systems. The platform provides the means for centralized data management, data standardization (normalization and enrichment), historical data tracking (control of record versions, periods of data relevance), data quality maintenance, and metrics.

The Unidata Community Edition is the only open-source master data management (MDM) solution in the world. It has powerful core data management capabilities, and its modular platform architecture allows for rapid implementations and easy integration with enterprise systems.


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What are the key features of Unidata’s MDM Solution?


Data Modeling

  • Create a simplified data structure
  • Identify data types
  • Define data rules (validation, enrichment, consolidation)
  • Define data domains (products, customers, suppliers, transactions. etc.)
  • Data identification and de-duplication rules
  • Custom business rules: full names, capitalizations, other customizations

Data Validation 

  • Define naming conventions and order of imports
  • Define validation rules which filter out junk data, identify missing important fields e.g. no proper contact info & define the current validation status

Data Load & Consolidation

  • Preload cleansing rules
  • Data transformation as per the MDM platform format requirements
  • Post load rules exclusions: switch specific validation rules off after the load
  • Execute match and merge rules: merge duplicate records

Data Segmentation & Reporting

  • Detailed data analysis report
  • Data lineage by segmenting data and utilizing it for marketing, sales, and other purposes

Unidata MDM Solution Architecture


What is the StrikeTru MDM implementation advantage?

StrikeTru is the preferred US solution partner for Unidata MDM implementations in the United States. We have several trained resources, and have a close working relationship with the Unidata sales, services, and product teams. Our depth of experience & expertise with data management & MDM makes us the most competent and self-sufficient partner. Our methodology is a full life-cycle iterative process characterized by the following features:

Speed: Faster Time-To-market
Delivery: On-time and on-budget completion
Adaptability: Ability to respond to changing requirements
Accuracy: Delivery of a high-quality system meeting your business requirements
Collaboration: Customer involvement in setting and changing requirements
Multi-domain MDM implementation & global rollout experience
Deep solution expertise in business process flows, match/merge, fuzzy match, business rules, data enrichment & interfaces
End to end implementation road mapping, data collection, data management, data syndication, migrations, integrations, unlimited training, and support
Completed 20+ MDM projects with varying degrees of complexity
Adaptive & nimble project methodology
We offer a variety of customizable, friction-less accelerators to help speed up and de-risk projects

Federico Masias, SVP Information Technology at Baird & Warner



“StrikeTru and Unidata make a highly experienced team and have empowered us to rethink our processes and refresh our technology. We believe this new solution holds tremendous power in delivering the right information to the right person, at the right time and will help us achieve real business benefits.” 


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