PIM Connector for ARI Powersports eCatalog


Powersports Dealers need a solution to easily aggregate, prepare, & sync product content to ecommerce platforms like Magento and Shopify, at scale, daily!

Rev up Powersports Ecommerce with PIM!

ARI Net is an industry leading data provider – they aggregate product data from multiple powersports manufacturers (both original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and after market manufacturers). They provide data as a large set of database tables, as well as through their APIs.

ARI provides rich data including fitment, prices, status and availability for approximately 400,000 aftermarket parts, and for millions of OEM parts. Akeneo PIM connector helps establish a link between Akeneo PIM and the ARI database of powersports parts information. The connector helps quickly set up the product data structures in PIM as well as import product data into PIM so that it can be managed efficiently for ecommerce purposes.

PIM for Powersports Dealers

This uptick in the powersports market has helped dealerships recognize the need to accelerate digitization and streamline their online presence to meet market demand head on. 

One of the crucial ways to list a large catalog online, introduce differentiated product experiences, lower operational costs, and enhance ecommerce scalability is by integrating sufficient PIM practices.

Powersport dealers need an ecommerce environment powered by a powerful PIM to migrate away from poorly designed and marketed templated sites to rich and engaging ecommerce websites. They can become self-reliant along the complete product data management lifecycle by automating the collection of OEM and parts catalog data from ARI, cleansing and curating it in PIM, and quickly syndicating it to ecommerce platforms like Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce and other sales channels.

Connector features & benefits: 


Rich product pages

Launch rich product detail pages by providing products, variants, groupings, rich titles & descriptions, images, spec sheets, etc.



Centralize and manage all product content including ARI parts data in the cloud. Eliminate issues associated with using legacy systems and spreadsheets


Content automation

Automate content tasks including ongoing load, categorize, enrich, notify, and publish. Set rules to map ARI SKUs to your unique categories, groups variants, improve titles and descriptions, remove special characters, etc.


Easy search

With content centralized, categorized, tagged, and enriched in useful ways, searching for data and digital assets (regardless of the SKU counts) becomes super easy


Roles & permissions

Setup user roles, permissions, and access levels to control who can view, import, enrich, approve, and export data, meta-data, and digital assets.


Search engine visibility

Rich and granular product data from ARI can be used to drive the website navigation and exploration features (i.e. selection menus, facets, and rich product detail pages) that helps optimize SEO rankings, visibility and drive more traffic to your ecommerce site and boost online conversion rates.


Product search

Delivers an improved customer experience in terms of improved site navigation, product search, selection, and ordering capabilities


Increase SKU counts quickly

Offer and sell a greater number of products in the market by increasing SKUs counts

PIM for Powersports: Automate the collection of OEM and parts catalog data from ARI, cleanse and curate it in PIM, and finally syndicate it to all sales channels in just a few minutes!

How to get started?

Find us on Akeneo Marketplace.

StrikeTru will install, configure, and support Akeneo PIM Connector for ARI eCatalog extension to integrate Akeneo PIM with ARI.

Get started and receive the latest version of an executable JAR file and connector configuration files for a quick one-time setup. You may also choose to deploy a StrikeTru hosted version of the connector.

Looking for customizations?

In addition to current functionality, we can implement your own custom digital asset management and transfer process requirements.
This is a powerful solution for powersports dealers who want to implement an open source PIM for Magento solution at a lower cost.

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