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Supercharge your BigCommerce store with Akeneo PIM, the No.1 enterprise open source product information management (PIM) platform. With StrikeTru’s Akeneo PIM Connector for BigCommerce, you can easily manage your entire BigCommerce product catalog in one single trusted database, i.e. Akeneo PIM. Export products, categories, product options, attributes, custom fields, multiple images straight from Akeneo PIM into your BigCommerce online store.

About BigCommerce

BigCommerce is one of the industry’s most versatile SaaS based eCommerce solutions. Supporting 30+ Fortune 1000, 25 IR 1000, and leading brands in every B2C and B2B category from automotive to health & beauty, sports & outdoors; it’s robust, feature-rich technology is simple yet highly extensible and gives brands and retailers the flexibility to innovate and outperform with over 96% of customers re-launching in 2-4 months. Built in HTML, CSS and JavaScript, its predictable, flat-rate pricing model is sought after by customers’ in over 120 countries at a lower TCO compared to other leading eCommerce platforms.


The Akeneo PIM connector for BigCommerce enables Akeneo to BigCommerce integration by seamlessly onboarding product data from Akeneo PIM platform to your BigCommerce online store. With this connector, you can create engaging product pages by managing your entire product catalog in Akeneo PIM and then syncing the data to your eCommerce platform. This allows store owners to sync ALL product data and product meta-data i.e. products, product variations, categories, options, custom attributes, images and videos from PIM to BigCommerce accurately & easily.

Leverage the advantages of a harmonized product information database to improve your marketing strategies, get your products to market on time, grow online sales with minimum cost, complexity and time.   

To know more about the connector and integration process, read the following articles below: 


Akeneo PIM + BigCommerce = Rapid Growth

Mid-market firms in a growth phase find themselves struggling to scale their businesses when they’re confronted with complicated product data management requirements. Those that are still managing a large number of SKUs on legacy systems (“manual” PI

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Why Every BigCommerce Merchant Needs This PIM Connector

BigCommerce is one of the world’s leading cloud eCommerce platforms for established and rapidly-growing businesses. However, efficiently managing product data that creates real-time sync between sales channels and internal systems is challengin

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Affordable PIM Connector To Make Your BigCommerce Store Stand Out

One of the key challenges of a BigCommerce merchant or agency is how to collect and setup product data in BigCommerce product catalogs. This is not a one-time exercise, rather an ongoing operation and is core part of your eCommerce content operations

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Get The Akeneo PIM Connector For BigCommerce

A typical BigCommerce customer sells thousands of products online. Each product has an ever-growing amount of data, including rich content and digital assets. Many don’t use a PIM to organize, store, and manage product data systematically. Retailers

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  • What is Akeneo PIM Connector for BigCommerce?

This is a SaaS software from StrikeTru which connects Akeneo PIM to BigCommerce platform. It allows BigCommerce users to setup their entire product catalog in PIM and then seamlessly sync product data to BigCommerce.

  • What is the setup time needed for the connector?

You can install this connector from the BigCommerce apps marketplace with a few clicks. The connector can then be configured in a few minutes. Assuming you already have your product data in Akeneo PIM, you can start to sync the data with a couple of clicks. The setup and sync process is very simple and intuitive enabled via configuration screens on the UI.

  • Would I get free upgrades when the new features are released in the software?

Yes, we do provide free updates of our connector. We are constantly working on adding new features, we allow our customers to get free upgrades.

  • Do I need to pay extra as I have multiple eCommerce sites/instances?

Yes. Our connector software allows you to install the one-click app on each store and there is a cost per install per store. In case you don’t want to use the one-click app you can still use our module and the pricing is quote-based. Please contact [email protected] for more details.

  • I am currently using the BigCommerce V2 store, will I continue to get product data from Akeneo PIM once I upgrade to V3?

Yes, our connector is compatible with BigCommerce V3 and you will be able to sync the product data after you upgrade to V3.

  • I am using the older version of Akeneo software, will the connector work for me?

Yes, as long as you are on Akeneo CE or EE version 2.x or higher our connector will work. We highly recommend you to be on the latest Akeneo version. You can do the upgrade yourself or contact StrikeTru to do the upgrade.

  • Can I export product models and products from Akeneo to my BigCommerce store?

Yes, our connector software allows you to export product models and products from Akeneo. This allows you to automatically setup products and product variations in your BigCommerce store from Akeneo PIM.

  • I have many custom attributes in my BigCommerce store, can I sync these via the connector?

Yes, our connector software has the custom attributes sync feature. It allows you to indicate any number of Akeneo attributes to be mapped to BigCommerce custom attributes.

  • I have the need to sync actual images and image URLs from Akeneo to BigCommerce for my images, can I do this?

Yes, our connector software allows you to map either the image type attribute or the text attribute containing image URL or the Asset Collections type attribute to your BigCommerce image attribute. The module is designed with this flexibility in mind so that any customers have the choice on which image attribute types they want to sync.

Find us here on the BigCommerce marketplace – download & use the app now!

Find us here on the Akeneo marketplace – download & use the app now!

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