Why Every BigCommerce Merchant

Needs This Connector

4/04/2020 | by striketru

BigCommerce is one of the world’s leading cloud eCommerce platforms for established and rapidly-growing businesses. However, efficiently managing product data that creates real-time sync between sales channels and internal systems is challenging without an innovative eCommerce integration solution. 

If your product data is managed manually or on a legacy system, chances are you are not meeting your customer’s demands due to inconsistent and error-prone product data managed very inefficiently across different departments. It’s cumbersome to deal with and can poorly affect overall business performance and ability to scale. BigCommerce product catalogs serve as a great destination for your product data – but what happens when you want to make changes to the product data, onboard new vendors, upload product data stored in different formats, make bulk-edits or manage digital assets? This is why a PIM solution is a must-have for online stores.

We built this configurable PIM integration for BigCommerce to make it easy and affordable for retailers to take full advantage of their product data from Akeneo PIM. With the Akeneo PIM Connector for BigCommerce, you can syndicate your product data in a few clicks and get your products to market quicker and more accurately.

The module enables Akeneo PIM to BigCommerce integration by seamlessly onboarding product data from Akeneo PIM platform to your BigCommerce store. With the help of this connector, you can manage your entire product catalog in Akeneo PIM and then sync the data to your eCommerce platform. This allows store owners to sync all product data and product meta-data i.e. products, product variations, categories, options, attributes, custom fields, images and videos from PIM to BigCommerce.

Key Features

  • True SaaS – True multi-tenant SaaS connector. This means all customers get the latest version and no need to deploy any software by customers
  • Native BigCommerce App The connector is available as native BigCommerce one-click app in the BigCommerce marketplace. This allows a one-click install and no need to enter your store credentials again
  • Detailed configuration You can configure every aspect of your connector
  • Test connection – You can test connectivity to your Akeneo and BigCommerce instances before you start to configure
  • Product and product variations mapping (Product Model and Product) The connector allows you to map product and product variations. This saves time and money by setting all of your variations (example – products that can vary by color and size) in Akeneo and then sync to BigCommerce.
  • Attributes mapping Map all of your BigCommerce attributes mappings from a user-friendly interface. Map BigCommerce normal attributes, map custom attributes. Specify the fixed value (default value) for any BigCommerce attribute
  • Category mapping You can sync any portion of the Akeneo category tree to BigCommerce categories. You can also merge multiple Akeneo category trees to one BigCommerce category tree
  • Options mapping – Map any Akeneo option attribute (drop/down) to BigCommerce options
  • Image Mapping The connector supports all types of image upload options. You can specify Akeneo image type attributes or Akeneo Asset Collection attributes or even a normal text attribute containing URLs to sync images from Akeneo to BigCommerce
  • Data Filtering Store owners are in control of what data they want to sync. They can indicate each part of the product catalog to sync or not to sync. Example – Indicate if you want to sync just product or product and meta-data (categories, options, etc.). For product data sync you can also indicate which data you want to sync. There are all possible combinations to indicate what data you want, examples – Akeneo channel, family, categories, attribute-based filters, enabled/disabled etc.
  • Data sync scheduling Store owners can run the sync on-demand via the user interface or can schedule to run at a predefined frequency
  • Logging & notifications The connector allows you to capture all types of log messages – info, warning, error and also allows you to setup email notifications
  • Support for all Akeneo editions Compatible with all Akeneo editions-   Community, Serenity, Flexibility
  • Support for Akeneo versions Compatible with Akeneo Serenity, and versions 4.0, 3.2, 3.1, 3.0, 2.3, 2.2, 2.1, 2.0, 1.7.
  • Default currency mapping – Specify which currency is the default currency from the configuration API

Other Features:

  • Merge multiple category trees from Akeneo PIM into one BigCommerce category tree.
  • Map specific attributes from Akeneo PIM as custom attributes in BigCommerce.
  • Sync multiple images for products.
  • Indicate product tax code
  • Mention SEO information – page title, meta description, meta keywords
  • Maintain and sync inventory information – current stock level and low stock level
  • Sync detailed pricing information – price, cost price, retail price, sale price
  • You can sync product dimensional information – height, width, depth
  • Indicate shipping flags like free shipping and specify fixed shipping price
  • Akeneo PIM SKU mapping to BigCommerce product SKU field.
  • Sync other details like brand name, product UPC/EAN number, bin picking number
  • Mention search keywords for the SEO optimization
  • Control product storefront visibility – feature, visible
  • Mention sorting order of products
  • Maintain and sync purchase quantity limits – minimum and maximum
  • Sync updated products from Akeneo PIM again to gain efficiency for your web sync process.
  • Choose which products to export using various filters- category, family, completeness, time conditions, locale, currency.
  • Use identifier (SKU) for exporting specific products to BigCommerce store.

Native BigCommerce one-click app


Attribute Mapping


Filter products


Our goal is to create maximum value for our customers. StrikeTru’s Akeneo PIM connector for BigCommerce streamlines your business by unlocking the potential of product data and helps you quickly meet consumer demand and deliver exceptional product experiences. This connector includes Product Sourcing + Cloud PIM + BigCommerce Syndication; and is a key part of our affordable PIM package for SMBs.

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