New Version Update: Akeneo PIM App for Shopify

4/10/2022 | by Samad Salman

StrikeTru has the best and fastest Akeneo PIM app for Shopify stores. It is a SaaS-based, self-service Shopify app that you can install, configure, and start using within minutes. You can find it on the Shopify and Akeneo app stores, as well as on our website. You can use it for free for 14 days. Whether you have one or multiple Shopify stores, you can use our app to automate and scale product listings on your Shopify stores.

Our best-of-breed solution is the ideal companion to Akeneo PIM to help control and scale your content and commerce operations, and maximize visibility into and performance of the Shopify product content transfer processes.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been working hard to add more features to our app. Let’s dive in and take a closer look at the latest features and improvements included in the new version of our Akeneo PIM app for Shopify. (V 2.0.1).

Available as an app on

What’s New?

Sync Specific Products & Variants: 

You can now sync specific products and variants from Akeneo PIM to Shopify by specifying the product identifiers.


Product identifiers, if specified, will override the “Advance Search (JSON)” filter.


Refresh Button for Sync Status Dashboard:

You can now instantly refresh the sync status dashboard by clicking on the “Refresh Icon.” You will not have to wait for the dashboard to automatically refresh every 10 seconds.


License Agreement:

Our app now includes a screen that allows the user to review and accept the User License Agreement prior to using the app. This agreement, between you and StrikeTru, governs the usage of this app made available through the Shopify App Store.


Available as an Akeneo App:

Now you can connect our app to your Akeneo PIM from the Akeneo app store within your PIM and start using it right away.


Storing Sync Mappings to AWS S3 for Disaster Recover:  We now perform a daily backup of store-specific sync settings to AWS S3 to ensure we can recover from any disaster scenario in a minimal amount of time.

Better Control Over Logger Levels: To help simplify troubleshooting potential issues, we introduced the use of environment variables that control log levels. It is now easy for our support team to increase or decrease log levels without involving developers.

These are some of our new capabilities in Akeneo PIM App for Shopify (V 2.0.1). Check out other great features in our app:

  • SKU level sync error report
  • Ability to abort sync jobs
  • Ability to delete and re-sync Shopify products
  • Ability to assign default product values for Shopify products

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What’s Improved?

  • Images are now synced from Akeneo PIM to Shopify faster than before thanks to backend code improvements. 
  • Handles/supports the HTTP URL-based attribute asset collections
  • Minor bug fixes & enhancements

In summary…we’re continuously striving to enhance the usability, functionality, and performance of our best-of-breed Akeneo PIM App for Shopify. We leverage Shopify’s GraphQL (not REST services), Java Rest Services, and Multi-Threading to deliver the best experience and performance when it comes to transferring high-quality product content from Akeneo to Shopify stores. Our app is compatible with all Akeneo and Shopify editions, and we encourage you to give it a try.

For more information, contact [email protected].