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Shopify is a world-class commerce platform. More than a million small business owners from 175 countries trust Shopify to help them sell their products and services online and in person. Medium and large-sized businesses are also turning to Shopify in increasing numbers. You can use Shopify to sell via a custom website, social media, and online marketplaces like Amazon.

Whether you’re a startup or an established business, looking to start selling online or migrate to Shopify from another commerce platform, StrikeTru can help you. We’re experts in Shopify design, development, and integration services. We also offer a suite of data-driven solutions to improve your Shopify commerce environments and grow your business.

Shopify Development Solutions


UI/UX Design


Web Development


Data Migration


PIM & DAM Tools


Digital Marketing


Support & Training

Shopify UI/UX Design


Influence your audience with a brand integrated design that communicates your brand value through your brand schemes on your Shopify store. We help you customize all your brand elements to create a strong brand identity.


Drive interactions to your Shopify store using simple and user-friendly elements. We help you design intuitive navigation elements, useful input controls, helpful informational elements, action-based page layouts, and more.

Website Audit:

Identify personas and targets. We perform an in-depth review as to how customers interact with different landing pages and design to engage, cross-sell, up-sell, and move the customers down the sales funnel.

Shopify Custom Development

Responsive Design:

We make your Shopify store responsive to make sure the landing page of the website works as smoothly as your web store on the desktop providing a superior experience when switching devices to browse.

API Integration:

We build custom API integrations from your Shopify store to different platforms like PIM, DAM, ERP, ECC, and other eCommerce platforms. Along with these integrations, we assist with Price management tools API’s, Payment APIs, Shipping APIs, Product inventory tools APIs.

Custom Build:

We can help you overcome limitations on your eCommerce website and expand your brand expression, functionality, and scalability by building a custom Shopify website for your business that will allow you to have different product customization options, special rules elements, and any custom functionalities based on your needs.


Shopify Data Migration

Seamlessly migrate your data:

We ensure your product data, customer data, order history, SEO data, and everything else you need is migrated from other eCommerce platforms to Shopify and Shopify basic to Shopify Plus is covered in our Shopify migration services. Data transferring from one eCommerce platform to another is a complex and sophisticated process and will need a highly experienced and trained set of professionals to perform this migration with perfection. StrikeTru’s Data Migration capabilities are unmatched in the industry, the flexibility and extensibility of our data services represent one of our main competitive advantages.

Onboard everything. Lose nothing:

In Shopify data migration, we transfer your product categories, products & variants, assets & URLs, standard & custom attributes, SEO data & meta fields, 3rd party integrations & workflows, and more. If you’re considering a data migration,StrikeTru’s Data Migration capabilities are what you need for a streamlined and high-quality data migration from other eCommerce stores to Shopify.

What you can expect:

Our Shopify Migration Services team can help acquire and cleanse product data from your suppliers and other data sources at scale and at low cost, and help refresh your digital platforms (PIM, DAM, ERP, eCommerce) to drive increased customer engagement. Offerings include product taxonomy and attribute definitions, product data and digital asset collection and cleansing, categorization, enrichment, normalization, and onboarding into digital platforms.

PIM & DAM Tools

We offer PIM (product information management) and DAM (digital asset management) tools and connectors that can significantly enhance your Shopify store performance. Check out our connectors which help you transfer data between different platforms to make your life easier.

One of those connectors is our Akeneo PIM connector for Shopify, a robust app that links your Akeneo PIM tool with your Shopify store to sync product data. This is easy to install, user-friendly, single-click app that lets you manage your entire product catalog (products, product variations, categories, options, custom attributes, images and videos, SEO information) in PIM, and then sync that data to your BigCommerce store(s) effortlessly saving you time and money.


PPC Marketing:

PPC (Pay Per Click) Marketing

PPC marketing is the most effective way to reach your audience faster and drive traffic to your website. To successfully implement an eCommerce PPC campaign you need an in-depth knowledge of the type of campaigns you should use and how to optimize them for a specific result you are looking for.

Their main drivers for an eCommerce business in PPC are Search ads, Display ads & Shopping ads. And StrikeTru has certified PPC experts on Google Ads and Microsoft Ads who can drive your PPC campaigns from creating ad copies to optimizing your campaigns to managing your shopping feeds of both these platforms.

Our end goal from these campaigns is to help you gain faster exposure to your audience in order to drive traffic, retain website visitors, drive conversions, and decrease your CPA (cost per acquisition).


Support, Training & Maintenance:


Our expert eCommerce support team is here to offer you unlimited training and support for all our projects. Our support team will help you with any basic or crucial issue related to data, design, build/functionalities, or digital marketing and provide you a solution with a quick turnaround.

Shopify Platform Benefits


Better Security

Personalization Options

Fast Loading Speed

Quick Customer Service

Shopify App Store

Shopify Platform Features

1. Shopify POS System: 

Shopify offers a feature named POS that enables companies to sell their products in the offline world and still keep track online. The payments are directly linked to the company’s Shopify inventory which also maintains a record of every sales transaction. 

2. SEO Tools: 

Shopify comes with various SEO tools that users can leverage to achieve their desired goals. Shopify also offers support for multiple third-party application integrations to help users effectively optimize their websites. Out-of-the-box features like automated metadata input, providing structured data to various search engines, multi-language support, and many more.

3. Shopify Dropshipping

Shopify dropshipping eliminates the need for maintaining an active warehouse to store listed products. Companies need to pay the wholesale price to suppliers while controlling the price customers see on their websites.

4. Shopify Analytics

Shopify provides multiple analytics tools that enable users to assess their online store’s performance and generates impactful insights related to Customer Activities, Marketing, Sales, and others to aid businesses in optimizing their operations and make better informed strategic decisions for increasing sales.

5. Abandoned Cart Reminders

Checkout Emails is a feature provided by Shopify that allows users to identify customers who have products added to their cart and send emails to remind them of those products. Businesses can also automate this entire process by upgrading to Shopify’s advanced subscription which helps them save a lot of productive time and increase revenue generation. 

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