Syndigo (Riversand) Accelerators & Toolkits

StrikeTru has developed a reusable set of accelerators and toolkits based on 11+ years of experience working on Syndigo (Riversand) projects. We share this knowledge with our clients and partners to help reduce implementation risk and speed up project delivery.

  • Business process flows: This consists of all common business process flows we have built for PIM, customer master, supplier master, location master etc. We know how  common master data processes work in conjunction with Syndigo (Riversand)MDM tools. This helps reduce the time it takes to align on what’s unique about your specific business process as opposed to discussing each process from scratch.
  • Reference architecture: StrikeTru has a repository of solution architectures for PIM, MDM and DAM and we know how Syndigo (Riversand)tool fits into your enterprise landscape in different scenarios. Whether you are trying to implement PIM with key use case as Syndication, Print and GDSN or trying to implement customer/supplier master with multiple CRMs, ERPs, D&B integration, or address validation integration; StrikeTru can propose the right architecture in relation to specific business problems.
  • Requirements & design deliverable templates: We have collected requirements for more than a decade on Syndigo (Riversand)projects and also delivered functional and technical design documents. Our pre-built, customized Syndigo (Riversand) specific requirements and design documents ensure that deliverables are one less hassle for you to deal with.
  • Starter data models: We have pre-built data models for all common use cases in Retail, Manufacturing, Distribution and other segments. We have plug & play data models for PIM, supplier domain, customer domain, location domain, oil & gas material master and more. This has proven to be a huge jump start for any project.
  • Enterprise-wide data dictionary alignment: One of the key tools for successful MDM projects should be a comprehensive data dictionary. We offer pre-built data dictionary templates to permit a singular view of all data. It aligns the organization and removes confusion by establishing  a common terminology.
  • Multi-domain implementation best practices: Though Syndigo (Riversand)is a flexible MDM tool, implementing multi-domain MDM on the single unified platform is not an easy task. StrikeTru has the know-how and has developed best practices for all areas of optimal multi-domain MDM solution on the Syndigo (Riversand) platform.
  • Library of common business rules: Business rules are needed in every project. Some are domain agnostic and some domain specific. Formulating business rules in Syndigo (Riversand) is often one of the most time-consuming activities. StrikeTru provides a common list of business rules  that focuses on helping organizations move quickly in meeting their goals and better respond to changing business needs.
  • UI Configuration tool kit: User interface configurations in Syndigo (Riversand) projects can run into 100s of files and parameters. It becomes difficult to maintain and control and often leads to re-work and unnecessary testing time. StrikeTru has developed a tool kit that provides many common UI configurations and also provides a way to extract any config from the tool, apply changes and deploy it back quickly.
  • UI Enhancer toolkit: Like any MDM tool, there are always areas of improvement when it comes to user experience. StrikeTru has an effective toolkit on common UI improvements across domains.
  • Configurable attribute enrichment engine: This is a powerful module wherein based on certain parameters, we provide a way to calculate attribute values for multiple attributes, or do rapid customer /supplier/item setup based on pre-determines criteria/rules.
  • Implementation project plans: We have Syndigo (Riversand) specific project plans with tasks, milestones and deliverables ready to go.
  • Deployment process and checklist: Deploying all Syndigo (Riversand) solution components to the target environment requires a methodical process-based thinking and detailing. StrikeTru has developed a deployment process for data model, governance model, workflow, auth model, reference entity model, UI configuration, fuzzy match configs etc. We have a standard deployment checklist containing each step and a deployment package.
  • Code & config naming conventions: It’s important to follow a certain naming convention in Syndigo (Riversand) implementation otherwise one can spend days debugging an issue. We offer a naming convention for each solution component.
  • Cutover checklist: Cut over/ go live involves multiple steps and is always a coordinated task with various stakeholders. We have a detailed cut-over/go-live checklist for each domain.
  • Initial data migration best practices: Initial data migration requires special care and is a big risk in any data project. We know what it takes to do initial data migration. There are various Syndigo (Riversand) specific best practices that we follow and StrikeTru has a list of such best practices that we bake into each one of our projects.
  • Fuzzy match configurations/Advanced match configurations: StrikeTru has a configuration list and accelerator around the advanced matching topics including dealing with external and internal identifiers, multiple match-sets, match set priority, fuzzy match-based configuration and fine-tuning the engine.
  • Common graph processors: StrikeTru has a list of common graph processors and is helping implement common tasks around relationships, roll-up, roll-down etc.

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