SHOP.COM – Akeneo PIM helps create high quality product content and release it faster

SHOP.COM – Akeneo PIM helps create high quality product content and release it faster


A leading global Internet Retailer that offers branded products across multiple categories, SHOP.COM needed to re-platform their legacy Product Information Management (PIM) software solution to speed up product releases.


A legacy in-house Product Information Management (PIM) system was resulting in longer product setup and release times. To better support its digital strategy for improved customer experience by delivering rich, accurate, and timely product content to customers globally, SHOP.COM needed an intuitive and flexible PIM system. The current PIM software solution, which was a very successful solution developed in-house, was falling behind in its ability to adapt and evolve with the company’s growing product information management needs.


SHOP.COM, owned by MarketAmerica, asked StrikeTru to review its requirements and validate if Akeneo, an open source PIM, would be a good fit. After studying SHOP.COM’s requirements and conducting an Enterprise Akeneo review, StrikeTru recognized and recommended that the Akeneo open source PIM software tool can resolve the company’s product content management challenges very effectively, and also set them up to launch future ecommerce initiatives faster (for example, an effort to provide much more compelling product content to consumers) and manage them with less effort. StrikeTru worked closely with SHOP.COM to deploy a new and improved PIM software system that replaced the legacy PIM software solution.


All legacy data including translated content, some digital assets, and users were migrated to the new Akeneo PIM software solution. It helped global teams collaborate more effectively, and sped up their product content and digital asset workflows. Creating and maintaining rich product content takes significantly less time in Akeneo PIM.

“With Akeneo, we’re seeing much higher quality product content on the website now, and that’s because we’re spending a lot less time managing product setup” — Jon Vivers, SHOP.COM

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