How Can Digital Agencies Overcome

Product Data Challenges?

23/03/2020 | by striketru

Retailers are looking for agencies that can help them move fast; to stay ahead in an age where Amazon is transforming eCommerce at an incredible pace. Hiring digital agencies for end-to-end eCommerce solutions has become a trend as they combine strategic, creative & technology services to help retailers grow their online business.

But what goes into creating a successful eCommerce model for these retailers? Consumers are driving the advancement in technology through their evolving behavior & expectations from brands. How they prefer to consume information, interact with eCommerce sites, shift seamlessly between interconnected devices and purchase products and services over what period of time, is essentially defining the way retailers approach their physical and online eCommerce strategy. There’s no denying the ground shift from trying to sell the ‘best product’ to selling the best ‘product experience’. According to a report by PWC the ROI on ‘great experiences are tangible: up to a 16% price premium on products and services, plus increased loyalty.’ There is 0 room for error with consumers having no tolerance for less than 100% accurate, consistent results, ‘one in three consumers (32%) say they will walk away from a brand they love after just one bad experience.’

So what does it really take to make a retailer stay one step ahead of competition and make the most of their online store in the current marketplace? 

What happens when as a digital e-commerce agency you are faced with questions such as:

1. Why is my full inventory not showing up on the site?

2. Why are the product listings not optimized with high-quality images?

3. Why is my eCommerce site not achieving the conversions it should?

4. Why is my eCommerce site not getting enough traffic?

5. Why is my online store flagging?

Worst case scenario – you have a stalled eCommerce project on your hands.

The answer lies at the very root of eCommerce – lack of a modern product content management platform. 

Digital eCommerce agencies often work with clients that don’t have a product information management system (PIM) in place – they manage their product data manually on ERP and messy spreadsheets that exist on different systems, sometimes in different formats. This bad product data situation is discovered by the agency themselves at the start of the project resulting in unpleasant surprises for the client in terms of 1) extended timelines to complete the project and 2) big investment required to put product data integration systems into place. 

Trying to manage huge volumes of fragmented product data manually is bound to lead to errors that can not only harm the clients brand but your relationship with them as well. Clients are most concerned with how fast and easily they can get what they want from their vendors – agility and personalization is crucial – a situation like this means bad customer experiences and lost market share.  

Challenges like messy product data, delays in onboarding supplier product data, inability to centralize and manage product data at scale, inability to syndicate product data to sales channels efficiently and limitations in eCommerce platform data management capabilities that lead to delayed eCommerce projects can all be addressed by implementing a PIM solution that streamlines your product content operations quickly and ultimately leads to conversions.


By collaborating with a partner like StrikeTru you are prepared for situations exactly like this and can tackle the problem head-on with end-to-end PIM solutions for eCommerce, get your client to market fast in a quick and affordable way with no unwelcome surprises or budgeting issues for the client.

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