Product data challenges solved for digital agencies

Ecommerce is not limited to big brands today; small and mid-size retailers can also enter the arena and easily set up an endless digital shelf. As a digital agency that provides ecommerce solutions, your job is to come up with creative, cost-effective ways to solve various challenges for these retailers.

Whether the brief is to create compelling customer experiences, launch a new product, implement end-to-end digital transformation or deliver omnichannel solutions – properly managing your client’s product data can make or break your pitch.

Your clients want seamless multi-channel, multi-lingual, multi-currency marketing services to be able to serve multiple geographic regions, expand into third-party marketplaces, capture new markets and offer the best shopping experience to their customers –this means an integral part of your ecommerce strategy starts & ends with mastering your clients’ product data.

Turning your client’s messy data into rich product information that is market ready can be a lengthy and expensive process. You’ve probably been in this situation in the past and were faced with two scenarios: one, turn down the project due to inadequate skills or insufficient budgets; two, take-on the hassle of cleaning up volumes of fragmented product data at the risk of delayed ecommerce projects and damaged client relationships.

A bigger concern is that while agencies may recognize the importance of a product management solution to increase the clients’ chances of conversion; retailers shy away from a cost investment they believe is unnecessary to increasing sales. This is far from the truth.

Without careful planning and the right business and technical skills you can end up causing mistakes that are costly for your client and unfavorable for your brand reputation.

Let’s look at some common scenarios agencies and sometimes clients face due to product data challenges and the solutions to address them:

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So what does a Product Information Management (PIM) solution do? A PIM platform creates a single centralized source of trusted product data by aggregating it from multiple sources, cleansing, enriching, syndicating, governing, and maintaining it consistently to be distributed across all your webshops on every channel. PIM is the secret ingredient that can turn a good ecommerce strategy into a winning one.

Why is a PIM solution essential to accelerating sales? The demand for high-quality product information that is rich, current and available at the right time across touchpoints is the basic expectation from brands who wish to hold the fleeting attention of the consumer long enough to make a purchase. A PIM solution can give your client the ability to quickly respond to market demand.

Who is StrikeTru and how can they help? Messy product data challenges are never solved quick or cheap. This is why you need an expert product content partner who offers high-quality affordable solutions and services, is obsessed with managing complex product data, and has got the right skills to solve product data challenges with successful eCommerce implementation expertise.

Reasons why StrikeTru can add value to your service offering

  • You need someone who understands complex system integrations involving PIM & has solid implementation experience
  • Top-end product data management capabilities that can import data, enrich it, make bulk edits all in one place, create a centralized catalog, establish workflow rules, automate operations, validate data before publishing, customize and distribute the data across multiple sales channels
  • We will develop a PIM implementation roadmap with a clear vision for sourcing, syndication, and distribution of your clients’ product data so you don’t get stuck with data-related issues
  • Affordable & personalized end-to-end solution consulting
  • We can get you set-up and running in a few weeks
  • Help your client accelerate sales by making them stand out on the digital shelf
  • Master volumes of product data and optimize it for distribution across all digital touchpoints
  • Leverage benefits of the best ranked PIM platforms available in the market at an affordable cost – Akeneo & Syndigo (Riversand)
  • Get custom-built proprietary connectors that make it easy for your client to move product data swiftly between systems and address their growth needs
Investment in a modern PIM tool is ideal in the initial phases of an eCommerce project however it’s worse to move ahead when your client is still managing their product data manually. A PIM solution can put your client’s products at center-stage by making it rich, robust and consistent leading to enriched product experiences, increased sales, lower rate of product returns, increased customer stickiness and more market share.

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StrikeTru routinely partners with digital agencies to deploy modern PIM and DAM capabilities to boost eCommerce and digital transformation programs. If you’re a digital agency looking to solve your clients’ product data management challenges or complement your e-commerce service offerings, we can help.

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