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13/04/2020 | by striketru

Choosing the right PIM solution for your business isn’t the end, you also have to choose the right PIM implementation partner. When it comes to PIM integrations, selecting the right partner is crucial. It’s Important to consider a PIM consultant soon after you decide to explore the benefits of PIM – this is ideal in the initial stages in order to ensure a smooth, efficient and cost effective project that ensures long term results. A PIM expert implementation partner like StrikeTru offers the right expertise and focus to implement a PIM solution best suited to your needs. Here’s why: 

Proven expertise on the Syndigo (Riversand) platform: A partner like StrikeTru has years of experience working with Syndigo (Riversand) solutions since their 6x platform version. 30+ years of combined experience; this includes some of StrikeTru’s team members’ experience as part of the Syndigo (Riversand) professional services team. A dedicated team of solution and technical experts who know what it takes to successfully implement Syndigo (Riversand) Ascend PIM solution.

Cross-industry/cross-domain experience: Partners bring their experience working across multiple verticals working on various use cases. They know how to model /personalize the solution based on your specific needs. They bring industry best practices. Syndigo (Riversand) Ascend PIM implementation partners have years of experience working in the SMB segment and this itself is a big value-add given the cost sensitivity of SMB customers. They want quality implementations in a fast and very cost-effective manner.

End to end product data expertise:  Syndigo (Riversand) Ascend PIM partners are familiar with the PIM landscape in an end-to-end fashion. Whether it’s the partner portal, ERP, eCommerce, Print, Feed Management tool or the sales apps, Syndigo (Riversand) Ascend PIM partners have a deep know-how of the entire product data landscape. This helps in doing the integrations the right way and in the right order.

Accelerators/Connected Apps: With their deep Syndigo (Riversand) expertise they bring the implementation accelerators to speed up the implementation and to provide value-add connectors/modules as needed. Infact, with StrikeTru customers can get access to affordable “Sourcing + PIM + Syndication” solution packages that are needed for high performing eCommerce.

Win-win implementation models:  StrikeTru works with the win-win philosophy and can set up implementation contracts based on the needs of customers. Fixed cost with milestones vs. customers have the option to choose between Time and Materials (T&M) with milestones vs. a pure staffing-based model.

Lower implementation cost: With StrikeTru, you get expert Syndigo (Riversand) deployments and best practices at an affordable cost.

Support models: Syndigo (Riversand) Ascend PIM implementation partners are flexible and nimble and work with customers to setup the right support model post the implementation phase. This includes setting up of global support teams with continuous support and delivery model.

It’s essentially a true partnership model between customer, implementation partner and Syndigo (Riversand). Syndigo (Riversand) is focused on product innovation and vision, implementation partners are focused on the best implementation experience for the customer. Customers can leverage StrikeTr’s Syndigo (Riversand) partnership to solve product content challenges end-to-end .

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