Selecting a PIM solution?

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We live in the age of digitally engaged shopper who expects unlimited product assortments across physical and digital shelves. We have a more demanding customer, a more complex digital supply chain, a more competitive landscape.

PIM is the key central tool to enable the product content digitization across all of your channels. PIM is at the heart of the ecosystem that enables brands and retailers to provide enhanced digital product experiences across all the channels.

The fact is that many retailers, manufacturers, brands, distributors are still struggling with typical product content challenges and now need to decide on a PIM solution.

Your product data pain points are growing by the day and keep you and your time tied up. You have no central repository for your product data, it takes weeks/ months to onboard new products and to launch new products to the market, you rely on manual processes to keep up with the supplier /vendor data feeds, sending data to your business partners is a pain.         


The current COVID-19 global crisis puts the need for even more accurate product information as customers are shopping via eCommerce even more and need detailed information including ingredients, allergens and regulatory data.

Your web/eCommerce sync process is broken and unreliable, you are running manual excel based reports to draw some intelligence out of your product data, you have custom data feeds for your downstream partners/marketplaces/data pools. The list goes on and on.

In recent years the PIM market has been flooded with many PIM players and it’s hard to find the right tool that can take care of your present-day needs and also be flexible enough to manage your future growth. Either there are niche PIM tools with limited functionality and a heavy price tag or there are bigger/heavy/old monolithic tools that are costly, require tons of customizations and make you take on more and more “IT debt”.

Cloud computing is not a choice rather de-facto and a given. In this age of AI, cloud and ML you need to think of a modern PIM tool natively built in the cloud. A solution that can be implemented in weeks as opposed to months and a tool that can give you what you need at the right cost and then transform into a multi-domain master data management (MDM) tool; as your need grows.

Syndigo (Riversand) Ascend PIM solution is that tool that can get you up and running in weeks and takes care of your product content challenges and lets you focus on growing your business. 

StrikeTru takes a deep dive into the key aspects of Syndigo (Riversand) Ascend PIM solution:

  • What is Syndigo (Riversand) Ascend PIM solution?
  • Who will benefit from Syndigo (Riversand) Ascend PIM solution?
  • What are the highlights of Syndigo (Riversand) Ascend PIM?
  • Different flavors/variations of Syndigo (Riversand) Ascend PIM solution
  • Syndigo (Riversand) Ascend PIM Solution Features
  • Syndigo (Riversand) Ascend PIM Implementation Methodology
  • Importance of choosing the right Syndigo (Riversand)Ascend PIM implementation partner

Don’t spend precious time & resources on technical aspects of product content management, let the expert handle it for you! So you can focus on what matters most, creating the best shopping experience for your customer.


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