Typical PIM Problem Statements

24/12/2014 | by striketru

These are typical problem statements we heard from companies that invested in PIM. Often times, these problems exist because product data is managed in a fragmented fashion across disparate systems and spreadsheets. If you’re experiencing similar challenges, please contact us for an introductory chat to explore how we can help you. As McKinsey said, integrating data sources into a single system that is accessible to everyone in the organization will improve the “clock speed” for innovation. In other words, the organization will become “agile”.

“It takes us 5 times longer to roll out products compared with our best-in-class peers.”

“Our customer base thinks we are inept – we deliver data in weeks versus days for our competitors and it makes us look bad. Sales people must focus their time on smoothing over data management issues instead of building relationships and up-selling accounts.”

“Online sales grew from 20% to 50% of total sales in just 3 years – we simply need better product data management capabilities”

“Catalogs take too long to produce, and they are out of date by the time they’re printed.”

“30-50% of time spent compiling and sending product data to our customers is wasted effort due to redundant work”

“A key distributor removed us from its website because we missed their deadline for providing product data”

“5-10% of our product data is bad, and could result in $55,000 in penalties for just one customer alone”

“The same product is branded 4 different ways across our print & web channels”

“Our agency spend is excessive, we’d like to reduce it by 50% in 2 years”

“We acquire companies routinely and have significant challenges in introducing their products to our channels and geographies quickly”