Open Source PIM: Case Study on Product Data Challenges at a Global Retailer

14/11/2016 | by striketru

At the 11th MDM & Data Governance Summit held Nov 8-10 in NYC, StrikeTru co-presented a case study on how the Akeneo enterprise-grade open source PIM helped overcome product data management challenges faced by, a global internet retailer. The MDM & Data Governance Summit, organized by SourceMedia (publishers of Information Management), is a leading IT industry event that provides MDM related insights and best practices as well as quality networking opportunities for data management professionals of all levels, software vendors, and consultants. The topic of StrikeTru’s session was “CASE STUDY: Enterprise-Grade Open Source PIM – An Important Option for Modern IT”.

The Open Source PIM Option

The session was opened by Vik Gundoju (a Partner at StrikeTru) who discussed the key business reasons why enterprises must move from complex and costly legacy system driven product information management operations to simple, PIM-driven operations. Vik pointed out the underlying product data management challenges that a modern enterprise PIM solution addresses, and the significant benefits that are available to companies that choose to adopt enterprise-grade open source software solutions like Akeneo PIM. He reviewed why enterprise-grade open source distributions provide modern IT organizations the best chance of helping reduce costs, operate more efficiently, and gain quick access to innovations.

Akeneo PIM Case Study

Kyle Christiansen (an Enterprise Applications Architect at Market America /, a leading global Internet Retailer) presented next on why chose to implement a modern PIM solution and reasons why they chose Akeneo PIM. He reviewed in detail the various use cases implemented by PIM which served to highlight Akeneo’s capabilities including: master, reference and metadata management; digital asset management: data governance: marketplace connectors; and product data synchronization with ERP, PLM, sales, and marketing applications. Kyle also pointed out the big wins that Akeneo delivered to his enterprise and these included much improved enterprise agility, product data consistency and portability, enhanced productivity, and IT system consolidation related cost savings. He concluded his presentation by listing in what specific ways will leverage Akeneo to simplify how they handle their digital commerce and compliance requirements.


Both presentations were received very well by the attendees, who had insightful questions and comments both during and after the presentation. The joint presentation describing why enterprises should consider PIM, benefits of enterprise-grade open source distributions, and details of the Akeneo case study at Market America / can be downloaded here on our Downloads page – be sure to click on OPEN SOURCE PIM.

More information on the 11th MDM & Data Governance Summit can be found here.