Migrated and enhanced a legacy Drupal web site

5/11/2014 | by striketru

A client and partner (Innovit, a PIM/MDM vendor) brought us in make several enhancements to its website in a very short period of time. It was a legacy Drupal implementation that StrikeTru inherited from a vendor that was no longer engaged with Innovit. Innovit needed to go live with a set of changes that were pending for a long time, and also make several brand and content enhancements in lieu of their push into the American market.

StrikeTru assessed the situation and delivered the project in two phases in quick succession. Phase 1 involved migrating the website over to a new host (for performance reasons) and releasing the pending changes into production. Phase 2 involved a number of other changes including newly branded emails, the launch of a Europe facing subsite, and paypal payment integration.