Reaction Commerce


Reaction Commerce is a real time, open, headless commerce platform that allows retailers to fully control their digital needs. From a single storefront to multiple markets, from physical goods to digital subscriptions or monthly memberships—Reaction can power any business model or shopper experience you can imagine.

The platform enables powerful core commerce capabilities—catalog management, checkout, order management, shipping, and more—right out of the box. And supports endless integrations to your preferred enterprise systems allowing you to better manage, track, and analyze your products, customers, orders, and inventory.

With Reaction Commerce, StrikeTru has the ability to implement beautiful, high-performance storefronts on the frontend as well as integrate a strong PIM solution that can manage all your product information in the backend, drastically improving the digital shopping experience for your customers.


  • Real-time Reactivity
    • Provide real time product and inventory updates without a single page reload or app refresh
  • Cross-Platform
    • Optimize your commerce experience across mobile, online and in-store
  • Product Management
    • Organize, track, and manage your catalog with our intuitive product editor, merchandising tools, and sophisticated publishing workflow
  • Inventory Management 
    • Track your inventory state, e.g. backordered, reserved, and shipped, with our simple inventory system
  • Order Fulfillment
    • Process orders, capture payments, and send shipping info— all from a single page
  • Checkout
    • Manage taxes, calculate shipping rates, and even tailor the look and feel of the shopping cart
  • Search Tools
    • Search orders, products, or accounts. Optimize your search with advanced capabilities using Elasticsearch
  • Customer Insights
    • Get more out of your shopper event data and gain actionable insights across sales channels and manage business performance in real time
  • API Integrations
    • Connect to third-party apps with open API and vetted plugins to easily integrate with your preferred ERPs, analytics, inventory, payment and fulfillment systems, and more

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