Nuxeo is a cloud-native Content Service Platform (CSP) that helps organizations create, use and share content in the digital age – both internally and externally. Leading organizations use Nuxeo for digital asset management, document management, knowledge management, and case management.


Nuxeo Product Features

  1. Scalable
    • Scales to meet the needs of a modern business. BILLIONS of items, of any type, stored in any system or repository.
  2. Personalized
    • Drag and drop creation of personalized interfaces make it easy and intuitive for users to quickly access the content they need, in a way that they’re used to.
  3. Connected
    • Connects to multiple content and data systems throughout the business. LOB apps, other ECM systems and on-premise and cloud based fileshares.
  4. Cloud-Native
    • Built for the cloud. Fully leveraging cloud-based storage, databases, elastic scalability, and web-based services in an easily configurable manner.
  5. Flexible
    • Management of any file type—from traditional documents, reports, scanned images and spreadsheets, to modern file types such as images, audio and video formats.
  6. AI- Powered
    • Architected to take full advantage AI-powered classification, recognition and prediction capabilities via the cloud to automate manual processes and increase overall productivity.

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