Akeneo PIM

Akeneo PIM is an open source product information management tool that enables retailers and corporate brands to deliver a consistent and enriched customer experience across all sales channels, including eCommerce, mobile, print, and retail points of sale. Akeneo’s enterprise PIM dramatically improves product data quality and accuracy whilst simplifying and accelerating product catalog management.

Community Edition Features

  • Collect data from any source
    • Import via native CSV and XLSX formats
    • Import from any 3rd party source via dedicated connectors
    • Ability to create custom connectors for specific needs (ERP, media server, etc.)
    • Batch or on demand processing with job completion notification
    • Review log reports of import processing
    • Full import API that exposes product content, catalog model, global settings and media resources
  • Enrich and control the quality of product information
    • Marketer-friendly, easy-to-use browser-based interface
    • Flexible data model with fully visual attributes management
    • Support for multiple product hierarchies, languages, currencies, and units of measure
    • Store and manage metadata, data, and digital assets
    • Fully customizable product grid with list and gallery views
    • Classify products by family, by category, by channel
    • Manage products with multiple levels of variants
    • Mass and sequential editing capabilities: values, parents, families, categories, groups, etc.
    • Powerful search and filter capabilities
    • Flexible product data reporting, and custom data views
    • Easily associate products to define bundles such as packs, collections as well as related products such as cross-sell, up-sells
    • Manage catalogs by channel
    • Manage translations by locale
    • Monitor data completeness for individual channels and locales
    • Simple collaboration workflow based on product completeness
    • Control data quality and ensure completeness before publishing
    • Manage users, groups, and roles
    • Manage granular role based user permissions
    • Track complete history of changes
    • Visually monitor the size of your catalog
    • Custom validation, enrichment, and business rules
  • Spread product information to multiple channels
    • Configurable channel specific exports – required attributes per channel, and attributes to export per channel
    • Scheduled and on-demand export of product data in CSV and Excel formats
    • History of exports and log files
    • Quick export mechanism for smaller set of SKUs
    • Ability to perform full or delta exports
    • Dedicated connectors to e-commerce, print, and other channels
    • PDF product sheet exports
    • Specify custom export profiles, with different attributes by channel
    • RESTFul API that allows exporting product content, catalog model, global settings and media resources for seamless integrations with 3rd party applications

Enterprise Edition Features

  • Advanced Rights Management
    • Fine-tune your users, roles, and permissions so that your enrichment team can only access the information they need and the field values they are allowed to change.
  • Product Asset Manager
    • A centralized repository for all your commerce-related images, videos, and files linked to your products and their catalogs
  • Rules Engine
    • Enables marketers to create business logic to automate specifying product attributes and classifying products into the right categories
  • Validation Workflow
    • Allows you to set up a governance process by controlling who can edit and approve product information before it is published to your channels.
  • Teamwork Assistant
    • Helps control the process and tracks work across groups of contributors involved in product data enrichment
  • Versioning & Publication
    • Keep track of historical versions of your products and catalogs
  • Franklin Insights
    • Franklin insights gather technical product data from trusted sources on the web and using AI and machine learning, creates a high quality product data record


Community Edition

  • On Premises
    • Install and run Akeneo Community Edition in your data center.
  • TruPIM – Cloud PIM by StrikeTru
    • Akeneo Community Cloud Edition, hosted by StrikeTru, is a cloud enabled solution that offers the full power of Akeneo Community Edition. StrikeTru takes care of running your Akeneo Community Edition PIM on a cloud infrastructure smoothly and securely, even for the most complex catalogs.

Enterprise Edition

  • On Premises
    • Install and run Akeneo Enterprise Edition in your data center.
  • In the Cloud
    • Akeneo Enterprise Cloud Edition, hosted by Akeneo, is a cloud enabled solution that offers the full power of Akeneo Enterprise Edition. Akeneo Enterprise Cloud Edition is available in two flavors: Serenity and Flexibility
      • Serenity Mode: All the features of Akeneo Enterprise Edition with fully automated updates. Accessible from everywhere, the solution is easy to use without getting into the code. Updates are made automatically and you can easily connect your 3rd party applications via web APIs. Trusted Akeneo marketplace extensions are also available.
      • Flexibility Mode: All the features of Akeneo Enterprise Edition in a fully customizable cloud offer. You keep control of your installation and are free to adapt it to your needs. All Akeneo marketplace extensions are fully compatible.

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