Why Rich Content Matters For Any Ecommerce Platform


Customers rely heavily on search to get the information they are seeking. According to a report by Fractl, in a survey of 586 Americans, 89.5% used online search to find information about a company or product.

It’s not hard to understand why businesses use content marketing strategies as a powerful tool for online visibility. Brands can drastically improve their chances of appearing at the top of the digital shelf by investing in the right technology to enhance product content.

When purchasing on your eCommerce site, shoppers expect an Amazon-like product experience to easily find, evaluate and purchase products. Interestingly, Amazon.com had a monthly traffic average of almost 3.68 billion visitors in 2020.

Therefore, it’s paramount that your product pages have granular and complete product content to successfully engage and convert shoppers. So, what’s next?

Level the playing field and compete for mindshare with a modern solution that delivers accurate, consistent & complete product content. Craft sales-driven product content that has a positive impact on conversion rates, AOV, stickiness, SEO, & profitability while decreasing return and abandonment rates.

In this report, you will learn about:

  • Why product content matters during the shopping process
  • Detailed insights and notes from a content acquisition project on why rich content matters for any eCommerce platform
  • Real examples and findings of a company that invested in complete and accurate product content and proposed approaches to measure the true benefits of content acquisition

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