Tableware Case Study – PTS America

PTS is one of the largest suppliers of decorated tableware in the world. PTS America is the brain behind the marketing, design and distribution of its products to large-scale retailers in North America, Canada, and parts of South America.

There was an enormous archive of design work that couldn’t be searched – no one knew where to find a design, who created it, or how to find it again. Literally millions of dollars in assets they were unable to tap into.

PTS faced issues as they relied on emails and spreadsheets to manage work and exchange large files between its designers, clients, and the factory. PTS America also was in need of a library for basic design tools and building blocks.

StrikeTru helped to find a content management system that will handle all of these issues. This case study outlines how StrikeTru help PTS America implement a Digital Asset Management Solution with workflow automation using the Nuxeo Platform.


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