Creating Product Experiences At City Furniture

with Akeneo PIM and StrikeTru


“We cut product enrichment time by 50%, accelerating time-to-market and reducing enrichment costs while increasing eCommerce sales by 60% with Akeneo PIM!” – Gurtegh Singh, Associate Corporate Counsel at City Furniture

While City Furniture had carved out a comfortable space in the furniture market, the company knew it would need to improve its digital offering in order to keep its standing and grow in the future.

The company was plagued with legacy product information management systems and processes, which meant inaccurate, inconsistent, or incomplete product information often reached customers on several channels.

These legacy processes and solutions also caused the company’s enrichment costs to skyrocket, time-to-market to slow down to a snail’s pace, and product information accuracy and consistency to suffer, tarnishing its product experience. What’s more, the company faced significant competition from department stores, online players, and lifestyle retailers, each of which threatened their market share.

In order to offer a better experience to customers and stand out from the competition, City Furniture wanted to use product experience as a differentiator. So, to raise digital revenue, cut enrichment costs, and stand out in an increasingly competitive market, City Furniture elected to invest in a product information management (PIM) solution.

With help from Akeneo implementation partner StrikeTru, City Furniture modernized its legacy systems and rolled out a highly integrated and automated PIM solution for ecommerce.


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