Which Akeneo PIM Edition is right for me?

With so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to understand which PIM tool is best suited for your business. That’s why we created this table to make it easier for you to figure out which Akeneo PIM edition you should go for – Community, Growth, Enterprise or TruPIM, an affordable Akeneo open-source PIM solution by StrikeTru.

Explore all features that are included in each PIM Solution package and choose the plan that’s best for you!

Community Edition Growth Edition Enterprise Edition TruPIM

Collect Product Data
img img img img

Manage Catalogs
img img img img

Enrich Product Information
img img img img

Export Product Data
img img img img

Advanced Rights Management
img img img img

Validation Workflow
img img img Simple Workflow

Versioning & Publication
img img img img

Rules Engine
img img img Custom Rules*

Asset Manager
img img img Integrated smallDAM**

Teamwork Assistant
img img img img

Reference Entities
Limited Limited img img

Data Quality Insights
Limited Limited img Limited

Single sign on
img img img img

Akeneo Onboarder & Shared Catalogs
img img img img

Akeneo Syndication
img img img img

Automatic Updates
img img SaaS img

Access to latest PIM features
img img SaaS StrikeTru Services***

Project Success Assistance
img img img StrikeTru Services***

img img img img

img img img img

OSL V3 Commercial Commercial OSL V3

Community backed SLA backed SLA backed SLA backed

Customer Success Manager
img img img img

Deployment Model
On Premises SaaS SaaS/PaaS SaaS/PaaS

Forever Free<‘i> Annual Subscription Annual Subscription Annual Subscription

Integrations Model
APIs / Batch File APIs APIs APIs / Batch File

img img imgPaaS img

BigCommerce Accelerators
img img img img


* developed by StrikeTru
** powered by MediaValet DAM
*** Optional Implementation Services
**** Only SaaS compatible connectors can be deployed for Akeneo Growth and Enterprise SaaS Editions

Akeneo PIM Growth Edition vs Akeneo TruPIM: What’s the difference? Which PIM is right for me?

StrikeTru has significant experience deploying all Akeneo PIM editions. Contact us now for a free consultation on which of these editions might be best for your needs and budgets.


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