StrikeTru Launches PIM Integration App:

Get To Market Fast With The Akeneo PIM Connector For BigCommerce

HOUSTON (PRWEB) JULY 06, 2020: StrikeTru, a digital services firm, unveils a native SaaS app for online retailers to manage and sync all product data from Akeneo PIM to the BigCommerce platform.

This fast integration connector will enable BigCommerce users to easily manage their product catalog in Akeneo PIM and manipulate high volumes of complex product information; including product categories, supply chain, marketing, other attributes, lists of values, product variants, product images, and SEO information, to start delivering high-quality product data rapidly across online shopping channels. Similarly, Akeneo PIM users can automate repetitive website update tasks and save invaluable time with this user-friendly app. If you have a large product catalog and use BigCommerce, you need this PIM connector!

StrikeTru is a disruptive digital services firm, helping small & mid-sized companies grow their eCommerce sales. From PIM strategy, PIM/MDM/DAM/eCommerce implementations, to solution consulting, fully managed services, digital content acquisition, syndication services, cloud PIM and data connector solutions – StrikeTru is a one-stop shop for affordable product data solutions.

StrikeTru’s product and engineering teams have developed this single-click app as part of their efforts to provide retailers with a “robust integration,” that removes the cost and complexity of importing and exporting product data between their product information management (PIM) and eCommerce platforms. “Whether or not a PIM is in place, preparing and transferring product data into BigCommerce and syncing it to other shopping channels is often a manual, costly and error-prone process. Brands and retailers need powerful data management tools and connectors to genuinely boost eCommerce environments and grow sales.” says Harry Singh, Partner at StrikeTru.

A typical BigCommerce customer sells thousands of products online; each product has an ever growing amount of data, including rich content and digital assets. Many don’t use a PIM to organize, store, and manage product data systematically and hence struggle with delivering consistent and accurate product catalogs across online shopping toucpoints. “The connector app does a lot of work for you in a short time, it combines the power of BigCommerce and Akeneo PIM platforms, making it super easy to quickly and easily transfer enriched product data, assets, and metadata to all sales channels.”

The Covid outbreak is keeping customers out of stores -moving even previously non-digital shoppers to eCommerce – across industries. Reports suggest that eCommerce sales volumes are currently at pre-Covid levels and expected to grow. “If you don’t provide great product information and make it easy for your customers to find you online to make an informed purchase, you’re not an option in their minds anymore.”

Akeneo PIM connector for BigCommerce is the only single-click PIM connector app available in the BigCommerce marketplace. The connector works quickly to link the Akeneo PIM system with a BigCommerce store, so the sooner you get it, the faster you start publishing high-quality product data to BigCommerce and other sales channels – within minutes! “BigCommerce users are looking for an easy to use, scalable product information management solution that is seamlessly integrated with their existing eCommerce platform; and this connector pre-integrated with Akeneo PIM is just that.”

The connector is compatible with Akeneo On-premise and Cloud Flexibility & Serenity editions (CE and EE v1.7 & higher). It operates completely within the BigCommerce store, is low investment, super simple and easy to install, and enables retailers to import product data with a few clicks.

It’s already available as a single-click install app on the BigCommerce & Akeneo app Marketplaces. This is a plug-n-play integration app developed and endorsed by a certified Akeneo and BigCommerce partner, i.e. StrikeTru, to help retailers accelerate their time to market, move to omnichannel retail in a matter of weeks and increase sales through better product data and better eCommerce.

Find us here on the BigCommerce app marketplace to install and use the connector now!

Find us here on the Akeneo app marketplace!

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About StrikeTru

StrikeTru, is a digital services firm helping small and mid-sized companies grow their eCommerce sales. From product data collection, to product information management, to product data syndication, StrikeTru is a one-stop-shop for affordable cloud-based product data solutions. StrikeTru services include product data strategy, solution consulting, PIM/MDM/DAM implementations, training, support, managed services, and digital content acquisition and syndication services. StrikeTru solutions include cloud PIM, data connectors, extensions and accelerators. Businesses of all sizes come to us for powerful data management, robust eCommerce environments and faster conversions.

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