StrikeTru Launches Powerful and Affordable Akeneo Cloud PIM Solution Packages

StrikeTru Launches Powerful and Affordable Akeneo Cloud PIM Solution Packages

StrikeTru’s cloud PIM packages offer all the benefits of the cloud with the power of a modern Akeneo open source PIM solution – delivered at a lower total cost of ownership.

HOUSTON, Texas, October 06, 2016 /PRWeb/ — StrikeTru, the leading Akeneo open source product information management (PIM) solution provider in the US, today launched a full range of powerful and affordable Cloud PIM solution packages. With this launch, StrikeTru makes a modern enterprise-grade PIM solution affordable and accessible for small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) that often struggle with excel and legacy compromise solutions.

Akeneo open source PIM is currently being used by over 80 enterprise and 2500 community users. StrikeTru’s cloud-based solution packages are innovative, and aimed at helping SMBs break through persistent barriers preventing them from obtaining effective PIM solutions. These barriers include the high cost of legacy PIM software, the cumbersome process to access and evaluate a PIM solution, long and risky implementations, and the unavailability of in-house IT resources to manage the hardware and software required by the PIM solution.

“SMBs struggle with product information management because of the price tag. Our goal is to provide effective and affordable PIM solutions which are in line with the IT budgets of small- and medium-sized retailers, manufacturers, and distributors,” said Vik Gundoju, partner at StrikeTru. “Our offering makes PIM feasible for SMBs, enabling efficient product information management to meet the requirements of e-commerce and other channels for high quality and consistent product content”.

The Akeneo Cloud PIM solution packages are offered exclusively by StrikeTru at introductory prices that start at $1000 per month. The 3-year comparable total cost of ownership of on premise PIM solutions is estimated to be at least 3 to 4 times higher. A few other less expensive cloud PIM solutions are available, but can be ineffective due to the lack of enterprise grade features, inability to customize, clunky interfaces, and unavailability of expert US based professional support.

The Akeneo Cloud PIM packages combine robust features with usability and programmability, and are backed by a free 14-day trial period, and high quality professional support provided by expert Akeneo PIM professionals. These cloud packages offer customers several strategic benefits including:

  • No IT hardware or software to manage
  • Free software upgrades
  • Ease of integration with proprietary and third party solutions
  • Simple to use and easy to extend, with usability inspired by popular apps like Google
  • Enterprise-grade solution with new and exciting features released frequently
  • Connectors to Magento, Adobe InDesign and other e-commerce and translation applications

For customers that want more control, these packages can be deployed on servers chosen by the customer. More information about StrikeTru’s cloud PIM solution packages and services may be obtained by contacting the StrikeTru sales team at [email protected] or +1 832 303 3257.

About StrikeTru
StrikeTru is a Houston based consulting firm that specializes in product information management (PIM) solutions. Its passion is to make PIM solutions more accessible, affordable, and successful for all enterprises. Since 2010, StrikeTru has been helping companies in retail, manufacturing, distribution, and other industries (including Market America, Five Ten, Richmond Supply Company, Steal-A-Sofa, PTS America, and more) with their digital transformation efforts by implementing PIM solutions. StrikeTru makes it easy to manage and distribute rich product content to e-commerce websites, marketplaces, digital marketing platforms, customers and partners. Companies benefit from PIM solutions that help them escape from spreadsheet hell, produce and share great content consistently, and reduce operational cost and complexity. StrikeTru is the leading Akeneo Open Source PIM solution partner in the US, and has executed multiple Akeneo PIM deployments.

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