Pierce Uses StrikeTru’s Translation Connector to Speed Up Global Content Management

Pierce Uses StrikeTru’s Translation Connector to Speed Up Global Content Management

Houston, Aug 8, 2019 /PRWeb/ -Pierce, Europe’s leading motorsports eCommerce provider, has gone live with a new state-of-the-art connector system for streamlining the process of launching and maintaining multilingual product data and commerce websites.

Developed by StrikeTru, the connector, known as Akeneo2GlobalLink Translation Connector and Services, connects users of Akeneo’s product information management (PIM) platform to Translations.com’s GlobalLink Connect system. The integrated solution allows eCommerce companies to speed up the translation and deployment of high-volume product content across global websites, helping fast-growing Pierce optimize its customer, employee and partner experiences.

“Thanks to StrikeTru, we have been able to automate our content translation processes using Akeneo2GlobalLink,” said Johan Viktorsson, head of the program management office at Pierce. “Our content and commerce teams can now save a lot of time that was previously spent manually managing product data translation projects and associated spreadsheets.”

Vik Gundoju, partner at StrikeTru, said, “Pierce is one of the most successful Internet retailers in Europe with a local presence in 17 countries and serving more than 35 markets. We’re pleased to know that our translation connector solution will help the company scale its global product content and commerce operations as it continues to experience rapid growth.”

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About Pierce

Founded in 2009, Pierce AB is an eCommerce motorsports retailer based in Hägersten, Sweden, with operations throughout Europe. It does business under three brand names: 24MX, which specializes in motocross; XLMOTO which focuses on on-road motorcycles; and sledstore, which serves snowmobile enthusiasts. Each division sells sport-specific parts, equipment, clothing and accessories. For more information, visit www.pierce-ecom.com.