We migrated and made critical enhancements to Innovit’s legacy website. We’re an Innovit PIM and GDSN implementation partner in the US.

Innovit is a leading provider of software solutions for Product Information Management (PIM), Master Data Management (MDM), and Global Data Synchronization (GDS). Innovit’s serves a broad range of industries that include food, liquor, groceries, hardware, healthcare, stationery, automotive, industrial and safety products. Innovit’s clients use its software solutions to improve their efficiencies around validating and managing master data.

Through its partnership with global standards body GS1, Innovit software products have been certified for GDSN to support data pools such as 1WorldSync, TrueSource & GS1net (NPC / DHBNC).

Innovit has offices in North America, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom.