MDM Re-Platforming at a Global Software Solutions Company

MDM Re-Platforming at a Global Software Solutions Company


A global leader in software solutions, this multi-billion dollar company needed to re-platform their legacy Product Master Data Management (MDM) software solution.


The company’s current Product MDM system was a highly customized Siebel CRM tool. This legacy MDM system had no support and was difficult to maintain and enhance, severely limiting the company’s ability to manage, maintain, and effectively use its product master data. There was a need to resolve issues with product sales reporting, accounting (cost, revenue, and royalty allocations), and software product distribution management processes.


StrikeTru and iClassicMDM assessed the company’s requirements and collaborated with system users to deploy a modern Product MDM system (based on iClassicMDM) to pave the way for replacing the legacy system. The scope included configuring a complex product data model consisting of multiple product entity types, product relationships, hierarchies, life cycle management, governance, and data standardization policies that replaced and augmented existing functionality.


In a very short time, StrikeTru and iClassicMDM delivered a modern, cloud Product MDM solution that simplified the management of complex product master data. The project also demonstrated iClassicMDM’s flexible services based integration architecture that simplifies the task of integrating iClassicMDM with various enterprise systems. Impressed with the extensive functionality delivered, and with the pace and cost at which it was delivered, the organization has decided to deploy iClassicMDM as its global enterprise Product MDM system.