PIM software with GDSN Connector Replacement for a Global Manufacturing Firm

PIM software with GDSN Connector Replacement for a Global Manufacturing Firm


A global manufacturer with operations in 70 countries and sales territories worldwide, this company evaluated multiple PIM software solutions to re-platform its existing PIM software for its Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) operations.


This manufacturing company used the GXS system with a GDSN connector to aggregate and publish product data to the GS1 Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN). GXS was going out of support and needed to be replaced. This company’s customers, many of who are large US retailers, depended on GDSN to get new and updated product data routinely, and an interruption here would have impacted sales negatively. Being a large global company with multiple business units, this manufacturer had complex product information management and data synchronization requirements and needed a robust PIM/MDM tool with a GDSN connector to meet its needs.


Innovit MDM was chosen as the system to replace GXS. StrikeTru worked with Innovit to define 3M’s requirements for an improved PIM/MDM solution that was to replace GXS GDSN connector functionality and provide improved data management and GDSN capabilities. There was also a need to develop in Innovit MDM additional GDSN reports and enhancements to match current GXS features and provide easy visibility into the status of data synchronization with the company’s trading partners (i.e. customers).


The company was able to migrate its GDSN operations from GXS to Innovit MDM before support for GXS ran out. The company also benefited from the enhanced usability and data management features that the Innovit tool provides via its intuitive user interface, data staging, and built-in GDSN data validation capabilities.