Mediavalet DAM Connector for Akeneo PIM - FAQS

  • What is Mediavalet DAM Connector for Akeneo PIM?
    • StrikeTru’s fully integrated MediaValet connector for Akeneo PIM bridges the gap between product data and rich media by creating an automatic sync between PIM and DAM. This allows you to take control of omnichannel content with a fully integrated PIM & DAM solution. The connector is compatible with all Akeneo PIM editions – Community, Growth, Enterprise (On-Premise, Cloud Flexibility, and Cloud Serenity) and TruPIM.  
  • Who is this connector for?
    • Sales teams, Marketers, Digital Agencies, Ecommerce companies, Distributors, Suppliers, Enterprise customers, Retailers, Manufacturers and more. This connector is extremely beneficial for customers:
    • looking for a joint PIM and DAM solution like this one
    • have Akeneo PIM currently and want a connected DAM system
    • have Mediavalet DAM currently and want a connected PIM system
  • What type of digital assets does it support?
    • Manage all types of product assets (images, videos, sheets, etc.), and sub types (silo image, environmental image, brand logo, swatch, assembly instructions, warranty sheet, etc.). 
  • How can I get started? How to install the connector?
    • StrikeTru will do the initial setup and deployment as an extension of  the client’s IT team. StrikeTru will also train the customer so they can do it themselves going forward StrikeTru will install, configure, and support Akeneo PIM with Mediavalet DAM integration to help automate your digital asset management and transfer processes for multi-channel commerce. Get started and receive the latest version of an executable JAR file and connector configuration files for a quick one-time setup. You may also choose to deploy a StrikeTru hosted version of the connector. Contact us.
  • Is support included?
    • Yes, unlimited free support, training and upgrades are included with the connector. We will keep the connector compatible with all upcoming Akeneo PIM and Mediavalet releases. We will also be adding additional features that will be provided for free including updates with each major Akeneo PIM release.
  • What metadata will sync between Mediavalet & Akeneo?
Asset metadata sync from DAM to PIMDAM to PIM sync
Product SheetsYes
Asset metadata
(Image SKU, Image angle, Image shot #, photographer name)
  • Is it compatible with Akeneo’s growth edition?
    • The connector is 100% API based and compatible with all Akeneo editions – Community, Growth, Enterprise (On-Prem, Cloud Flexibility, and Cloud Serenity). It is also compatible with TruPIM by StrikeTru.
  • Does asset synchronization need to be real-time or can it be scheduled?
    • Both. By default, the connector is actively syncing every 5 minutes to Mediavalet. If you want to sync your data more or less often, you can manually adjust the sync frequency. 
  • What is TruPIM and is this connector compatible with it?
    • TruPIM is an affordable SaaS PIM solution powered by Akeneo PIM Community Edition. It is a fully managed service that is ideal for growing businesses that want an affordable PIM backed by expert deployment and free unlimited customer support services.
  • Will you support my customization needs?
    • Yes, we can implement any custom, including complex, requirements. Just contact us at [email protected] with your customization requirements.
  • Can I get a trial version of the connector?
    • Yes, we offer a 14-Day risk free trial! You will get limited two-week access to a Mediavalet DAM Akeneo PIM demo instance to explore how the connector works. Contact us to get started.

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