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Pim2catalog, the official InDesign extension for Akeneo PIM

Pim2catalog, developed by Naolis, is the official connector between the Akeneo and Adobe InDesign platforms. It is an essential component of a multi-channel marketing toolkit, and assists marketers with speeding up print and PDF publication design and production. It is fully integrated with Akeneo and allows print catalogs to be created within Akeneo, and easily synchronized with Adobe InDesign.


Why Pim2catalog

Print catalogs are typically produced in Adobe InDesign and the associated product content is often manually keyed in. These operations to populate product content into print catalogs initially and keep it up to date can be cumbersome, error-prone, and time consuming.

Pim2catalog simplifies and speeds up this process. Marketers can design print catalogs in Akeneo, short list which products go into what catalogs, and easily send them to Adobe InDesign (using EasyCatalog) to automate the print catalog production processes.

A multi-channel marketing tool

Akeneo helps you manage all your product content in a central online repository, and share it easily with all your marketers so they can build out digital product catalogs for your e-Commerce websites. With Pim2catalog, marketers can also design paper catalogs using the same, familiar Akeneo interface.

Catalog layout automation

Automating the catalog layout process helps increase design efficiency, and reduce time and cost involved. The cost per page is reduced, the risk of error is minimized, and lead times for printing are shortened.

• Automate production of catalogs, revisions, and language variations for a better ROI
• Prepare your publications in Pim2catalog, and pass instructions to designers
• Shortlist and manage your product selection in Pim2catalog
• Unleash your creativity and enjoy all the possibilities of Adobe Indesign
• Make last minute corrections with confidence.

How does Pim2catalog work

Pim2catalog is fully integrated into Akeneo, and allows a marketer to design paper catalogs. Print publications are fully defined in Pim2catalog. The catalog formats and pagination, product data models and page templates, lists of products, and their categories are all handled directly in Akeneo through Pim2catalog. These are sent to Adobe InDesign via the EasyCatalog connector to automatically generate catalog pages, and re-generate them later to reflect updates to the source product content.

Key Features


StrikeTru can help you install, configure, and support Pim2catalog and Akeneo to help automate your print catalog production processes. For more information, please contact us.