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Which PIM is right for you?

Online sellers are rapidly making the transition to marketing technology that helps them keep pace with ever-changing customer demands. Especially for brands & retailers that have outgrown spreadsheet based product information management (PIM) , this is a crucial part of their commerce strategy. With the larger market share moving online, if ecommerce players want to be able to capture a good chunk of sales, they need to manage their product information and digital assets efficiently at scale and deliver it effectively across sales channels. This article will help you understand the main differences between Akeneo PIM Growth Edition & TruPIM powered by Akeneo PIM Community Edition. Choose the right PIM solution for your business!

According to one of Deloitte’s 2020 surveys, “across business-to-business (B2B) organizations, 60% of respondents identified “lack of timely/relevant information during key customer interactions, resulting in lost opportunities” as a critical challenge”

The pandemic has recalibrated customer expectations from online shopping and activated digitization across industries and verticals. More and more companies are seeing an increased reliance on online and omnichannel as the primary means to reaching, engaging and retaining consumers. It’s time for all businesses with products to sell to unlock growth with superior digital experiences.

A digital shift entails a transformation in internal capabilities as well as creating efficiencies with technology. That’s where affordable SaaS solutions like TruPIM come in.

For small business owners, selecting a solution among all the varying services and pricing plans can be difficult. Our goal is to help you understand your options better so you can choose the solution that makes the most sense for your business needs, and get the most out of your investment.

Why is PIM integral to your digital strategy?

A PIM system is a source of truth for your product data and marketing assets. It’s a solid foundation that enables you to harmonize your product data and streamline your ecommerce experience to grow sales by:

  • keeping your data accurate, up to date and organized in a centralized repository
  • building trust and credibility for your brand
  • improving your time to market
  • delivering seamless customer experiences with exceptional product stories

Whether you have a few hundred SKUs or hundreds of thousands of products, distributions channels, languages, vendors, locations, images, attributes, brand, technical or regulatory data – a PIM can handle it all!

What is Akeneo PIM Growth Edition?

Akeneo PIM Growth Edition is a cloud-native PIM for midmarket businesses ready to start their Product Information Management journey. This offering from Akeneo, the No. 1 Enterprise open-source PIM, for midmarket firms is a SaaS offering in the Akeneo PIM family that sits between their free Akeneo PIM Community Edition and annual-subscription based Enterprise Edition (Flexible & Serenity) categories.  Akeneo PIM Growth Edition is built for smaller businesses who want to break away from the pain of dealing with spreadsheets for managing product information, and get started quickly on their PXM journey to unlocking growth.

It provides a focused set of core PIM system features, and comes with hosting, continuous innovation and updates, and the support of Akeneo behind it. Currently, the core PIM system features in Akeneo PIM Growth Edition are the same as those available in the Akeneo PIM Community Edition. However, Akeneo PIM will be looking to add additional features to its Growth Edition in future to differentiate it further from the Community Edition features.

It’s an easy to use, hassle free solution for business users and IT teams. It’s got exactly what smaller organizations need to expand their customer base and win over new buyers by providing top-notch product experiences built on a solid foundation of accurate, consistent product info.

What are the key features of Akeneo PIM Growth Edition?

  • No more wasting time with a tangled mess of excel workbooks. Easily collect your product information from your ERP and your suppliers and adapt it to specific channel requirements or new destinations
  • Manage your catalogs with ease with a solid structure that meets your strategy, ensure data governance and create a centralized source of truth for all your product information
  • A user-friendly interface makes your life easy and lets you automate tedious tasks, customize individual workspaces and monitor and track product completeness at a glance
  • Optimize performance by analyzing your data quality. Regular insights and catalog improvement suggestions will help you reach peak catalog quality consistently
  • Publish and share consumer-ready product content to brand portals, marketplaces, direct sales channels, distributors, mobile and marketing automation tools
  • Akeneo PIM Growth Edition comes with Akeneo PIM SLA-based tech support and access to a customer success manager that will help keep your project on track. It also includes automatic upgrades to newer Akeneo versions of the Akeneo PIM Growth Edition software.

Akeneo PIM Growth Edition Pricing?

Akeneo PIM Growth Edition pricing starts at $25K per year. There is an annual SaaS subscription fee for PIM and any add-on modules (like an ecommerce platform connector). Other costs include implementation fees and potentially solution support fees (charged by an Akeneo PIM implementation partner like StrikeTru). You may also incur middleware hosting costs to house your PIM system integrations (typically an ERP to PIM and PIM to ecommerce integrations). Implementation costs depend on factors such as your product catalog size, and complexity of data migration into PIM and system integrations with PIM. If you have project management and technical resources to assign to the project, you may be able to share these costs with your implementation partner. For more details, contact us.

Which solution (TruPIM vs. Akeneo PIM Growth Edition) is right for your business?

TruPIM is an affordable SaaS PIM for small and growing businesses ($20M or less in annual revenue) powered by Akeneo PIM Community edition.   TruPIM is intended foror businesses seeking  Akeneo Community Edition but do not  want to deal with server management, software installation, and maintenance tasks! Get your PIM within minutes with a free 14-day trial.

It is an ideal PIM for BigCommerce, Shopify, and Magento merchants. TruPIM Includes tightly coupled pre-built connectors for Magento, BigCommerce, and Shopify & Catalog migrators to transfer your BigCommerce or Shopify catalog into PIM within a day!

Expert tool training and support are included. Future releases will include advanced BigCommerce and Shopify specific capabilities to help boost your content operations, improve data quality, scale assortments, improve online visibility, and accelerate sales. Sign up for TruPIM and get going in 3 minutes or less!

Why TruPIM?

Cost effective SaaS PIM Platform:

  • Lower TCO than most other typical PIM systems
  • Free hosting, software updates, and support
  • No IT staff needed to launch PIM, onboard your catalog, or sync it with BigCommerce, Shopify, etc.
  • Starts at $299/month

Feature Packed & Easy-to-Use:

  • PIM ready to be used in less than 3 minutes
  • Automated catalog onboarding from BigCommerce & Shopify platforms
  • Enterprise-grade features including product category & family building, associations,  advanced search, content readiness metrics, and more
  • Seamless connectors to BigCommerce, Shopify, and Magento

Ideal for BigCommerce, Shopify, and Magento:

  • Migrate Shopify or BigCommerce catalog automatically to PIM
  • Additional accelerators to support your eCommerce site experience needs
  • Faster data sync back to BigCommerce, Shopify, and Magento

Onboarding Assistance:

  • Customer Success Manager
  • On-boarding Guidance
  • Implementation Service Packs

TruPIM Pricing

TruPIM subscription starts at $299 per month. Its an affordable PIM that is a right fit for small businesses and comes in 4 different packages, check out the pricing details here.

TruPIM is SaaS PIM solution powered by Akeneo PIM Community Edition. With TruPIM, you get pre-built app & tools at a significantly lower cost that seamlessly connect TruPIM to your ecosystem and accelerates your onboarding process. 

TruPIM is a great starter PIM as you grow.  Eventually, one can easily migrate to  Akeneo Growth Edition or Akeneo Enterprise Edition with ease.  One should  do  the due diligence upfront to  pick the right PIM  to minimize the probability of a premature migration to another version of Akeneo PIM.

As a longest standing Akeneo Partner, StrikeTru will be happy to advise the best PIM for your needs and address your questions.

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