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This year digital transformation has become more urgent than ever. It has forced retail businesses to accelerate the pace of digital transformation programs to support their eCommerce strategy. Ecommerce is arguably the most significant retail digital transformation and businesses that are data-rich and already have a digital presence are ahead of the curve. What’s the secret?

  • A Product Information Management (PIM) solution: the foundation for a scalable eCommerce strategy
  • Full automation and digitization of their existing systems without a massive IT infrastructure overhaul
  • The ability to quickly launch a powerful, scalable eCommerce storefront

BigCommerce is one of the industry’s most popular SaaS based eCommerce solutions. But an eCommerce platform alone cannot solve product content management challenges like quality, enrichment, consistency, accuracy, completeness and easy manipulation of high-volume product catalogs.

As a result, we created the perfect cloud-based integrated solution for BigCommerce users to easily and rapidly create and deliver enriched product content needed to drive great customer experiences, launch products faster, improve sales and profits, and go multichannel.

PIM in a Box: smallPIM for BigCommerce

We collated the most common challenges faced by BigCommerce users in the market today that our affordable end to end solution can overcome:

How to update my product information in bulk in a visual & user-friendly way in the product catalog?
Currently, BigCommerce product catalog’s bulk edit capabilities are limited. It does not allow selecting attributes of my choice to update. Due to this, we waste a lot of time each day updating product information, especially the information that requires frequent updates like price, inventory, availability, status.

Is there a tool to manage all of my company’s products in one place? I store all my products in the BigCommerce catalog and have to manually configure products that are not applicable to be sold on BigCommerce as ‘not visible’. This is a massive waste of time. How can we keep our BigCommerce product catalog clean and easily configure it to store select products?

How to update related products for multiple products at a time? The BigCommerce bulk edit feature does not support this functionality and we end up doing this one at a time for each product. Just imagine the time we need to spend to update the related products for a catalog of 50K products!

How to update custom attributes for multiple products at a time? Ideally, we need bulk capabilities within the tool to perform the operation in one shot. Today we cannot update custom attributes in bulk using the BigCommerce catalog tool. This is a time-consuming exercise and leads to delayed or shelved eCommerce projects.

Is there an automated tool to sync our product data from Akeneo PIM to BigCommerce? Today we spend a few hours each day trying and failing to sync daily product changes efficiently. Because it is a manual process, it involves errors, duplicate entries and further time invested to re-do the entire operation. It’s a painful process to convert excel files stored offline to BigCommerce format and finally undertake manual efforts to get the right data in.

Is there a product catalog solution to support our headless eCommerce architecture without relying on the BigCommerce backend to achieve this? We want the best of the breed solution for each eCommerce component. Today, there’s no option but to enter product data within BigCommerce which has limitations.

How to update all product attributes in BigCommerce including product meta fields? Currently, we can only update the attributes which are available in the BigCommerce product catalog backend. This skips certain key fields – meta keywords, Is Price Hidden?, Call for pricing label and product meta fields etc. This results in the development of ad-hoc programs using BigCommerce APIs adding one more step to be executed after the main product load. This can potentially cause missing out on important information.

smallPIM can solve all these challenges and more with built-in features that make it super easy to manage every component of product information, fix data issues quickly, make bulk-edits, review and publish product changes on-demand or on a scheduled basis. Out-of-the-box export features and connectors help you publish product changes to your eCommerce storefront and other marketplaces.

When you integrate BigCommerce storefront with smallPIM, you ensure little tasks don’t become huge headaches that delay your eCommerce strategy

Turbocharge your BigCommerce store with smallPIM, an affordable, fast to deploy, end-to-end SaaS PIM solution powered by Akeneo.

Say goodbye to challenges caused by a lack of data centralization, flexible data modeling, multi-channel and multi-locale data, data quality rules, data enrichment rules, bulk edit, searchability, workflow automation, language translations, data access controls, SEO data management, pricing and promotions management.

ERP + smallPIM + ECommerce Integration

You don’t just get PIM software but an end-to-end solution that easily imports product data and digital assets from multiple sources including your ERP system and publishes enriched data to BigCommerce

Increased Automation

Instantaneously slash costly manual errors, improve sales, boost overall business performance, responsiveness to new market trends, customer experiences, ability to grow and expand with minimum investment in IT infrastructure or manpower

Fully Managed Services

With smallPIM you get powerful data management & syndication capabilites AND hosting, backup & recovery, performance management & optimization

Akeneo Connector for BigCommerce

Single click connector app that allows BigCommerce users to quickly setup a link to Akeneo PIM and sync all product catalog data to BigCommerce within minutes

Data Centralization

Aggregate, enrich and cleanse all your product information in smallPIM, a centralized tool, so no time is wasted manually loading product data for syndication to marketplaces and eCommerce storefronts

Bulk Edit Feature

Carry out bulk update operations in a visual & user-friendly manner within the product catalog for both, regular and one time updates and edits like price, inventory, availability, status, specify attribute mapping, product filter criteria, related products, categories, custom attributes and meta product details. Easily configure which categories and attributes to not import into your e-Commerce website as well

Flexible, Agile & Affordable

Get the flexibility and agility to support headless commerce architecture without costly frontend-backend development

Upgrades & Extensions

Expert deployment and SLA based uncapped phone support services. Free and timely upgrades to ensure you can leverage latest features and discounted extensions to get the most out of your multichannel eCommerce initiatives

Quick Start

Launch smallPIM in as little as 4-5 weeks

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